Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Tucson Exploring On Rare Cloudy Day

     Hello all readers and Explorers!   I have greatly been slacking on this page.  I have not really had time for anything I enjoy over the last few months.   But just last week I managed to get two good bits of Exploring in around Tucson  on two separate days.  I realize I have many posts to catch up on this sight.   Including the fact that I am still missing the last post in the series of my trip back home to Wyoming---and that was last October.    And I apologize.   I can say that this very page does have over 100 picture filled entries to keep you roaming while you wait for me to stop slacking!    Many posts are way past due, good thing I do not have any type of boss to account for here.  ;)   But this post is local ---roaming around Tucson and it is very recent.  Last Saturday I do believe. 
     The monsoon season officially kicked off here in the desert last Friday.  And it really is the only season I enjoy here.  We also got some good storms across the area.  But alas have to wait for some more cooling rain.  It is supposed to be 109 in Tucson again by this Friday.   I was happy to be roaming around in the middle of the day---because of the cloud cover and or rains.  And enjoyed getting some cloudy pictures for a change.  Most here are straight on sunshine.  Tucson is very Enjoyable to Explore because you can basically take off walking in any neighborhood and come home with loads of pictures.  I manage to find new things on almost every trip.   Many times I have to re find them when I actually have a camera with me or the time to snap some shots.   On this day our car dealership was doing a safety recall fix on the vehicle.  So in all actuality this day could have been Friday.   Anyways, I was not aware that the service was to take two and a half hours.  But was kind of happy to have the time to roam around.  And roam around I did.   Starting on 22nd street.  

Old convenience store where I first started walking.

To the rear of the above building. 
Looks to still be a business and home. 

I soon came along a large campus for a school.
Entirely fenced in. 
At first I thought it was abandoned but after walking around more think the school is still in use. 
I have pictures of the similar, but older walkway that used to go over the main drag in Tombstone.   Shame they took it down. 

Nice path of sorts. 

Along the still dry runoff. 
In blog posts past I call this inner urban Exploring. 
And have done such in several bigger towns. 
Where you just kind of park some where in the middle of town and take off walking with no real goal. 
This of course is much safer in some areas than others. 

The sky's were cloudy and I was just feeling off in general  so this spray paint near the school
said it all for me.  

A good ways off 22nd Street now. 
But I noticed the large deck chair with the weed plant on it and doubled back closer to this dispensary. 

Fish sculptures above another run off.  

I try to keep this page all pictures of my own.  
But this one is perfect for this Exploring page. 
I often run into people that don't even check out the other side of Tucson.
And have never been to places in there own state  near or far like The Grand Canyon. 
This always amazes me. 

Than I came across this whole play ground. 
With great photo opps.  
Especially because the connected part was kind of shutting down for the night and I had free reign to roam around.
Above is part of a fun land with miniature golf and arcade games.  
Years and years ago my wife and I stopped here when we had no kids with us
and spent hours although I have no idea why we stopped. 

This place had it all    with games, stunt shows, eateries, even a train that went around the complex. 
But as I said everything was shutting down, so I was pretty much left alone as I Explored this part for the first time. 

My shipments coming in!

This is supposed to be a height marker, 
you must be this tall to ride this ride...
but it looks to me like the elephant is taking a number 2.

This is a large area and I only took pictures of a small selection of the sights. 

Not sure if just a train tunnel or where the small train is stored at night.
But a neat picture. 
It almost looks like something horrid lives in that caged of cave.  

Just down the road a little more. 
I believe the first closed Target store I have ever seen. 
Although strangely enough they are almost done building a brand new one just behind this.

This sign says "Happy Trails!"
And that is what I wish for y'all!!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Benson Arizona

                           In front of one of the motels--actually the whole property is nice.  

Another coffee fueled trip of course!
And yes I picked up the coffee cup--after this shot.
I have actually gotten flax about such pictures---but I always pick up the cups---if they are empty of coffee or not.   They usually are not empty.  
Just after I took this picture a lone coyote crossed about 350 in front of me.  

            Just before my recent big road trip I snuck off for a quick Exploring hike here in town while I probably should have been packing.  I only took a backpack of items on my road trip, and I really needed to clear my mind in the desert on this day it seems!  I have been to this area before with the kiddos---in fact there is a past Exploring blog post all about it, but we could not stay long because we ran into a band of hobo's hunkered down in the old mostly abandoned buildings.   No squatters on this day, and no kids with me, so I had time to get some more pictures.  Not that I don't always get lots of pictures for my posts!   I would like to say this will be a short post---but I have said that before, and than they always seem to greatly expand once the pictures and explanations are written.   This is still not the post I was planning on doing next   but at this point I am just happy to be posting!    Please look through this page I now have 100+ picture filled Exploring blogs mostly around Amazing Arizona!


Empty and old buildings have always drawn me. 
Like I said you kind of have to watch out for squatters.   And steep around 
broken beer bottles and such if you go in any such buildings.
But on this day -no people were around.  

Several neat buildings on this sight and what looks like an old junk dumping spot.
And the old trees snarled all around.

Main house  
Not sure how lucky that horse shoe was

Kind of elegant prose usually saved for bathroom stalls!

Time for a bit more trail

Over the rail road track

I still believe this is one of the best sights on an extra hot or summer day!

Few warning signs

Followed a dry run off for a little bit.
That red metal in the back ground is a car door.

Have you seen The Thing?
There is a blog about it on this very blog page! 
I have heard they are changing and updating the whole museum/tourist trap.
So maybe you have not seen the thing---what will be the new thing.

Back were I parked
One of the old now empty fast food places.

A little bit later back at the homestead in 
ST David Arizona.  

So to find the above pictures for tonight's post---I came across this one from my recent road trip.  
Some where in the middle of Montana we saw this photo opp.
A lot could be said about this picture
But it is easily one of my favorites from the trip!