Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Fairbanks AZ Revisited

     I really enjoy this very page--but do not get the chance to update this page or advertise it nearly as much as I would like to!  I have a ton of updates and new pictures in the works.  So please keep checking back to see what is new or what you might have missed.   And as always for up to date pictures and Exploring please check out my longest running blog sight at www.wyomingjack.blogspot.com      

Once again I found the above buildings fully closed to any access. 

   Months ago our youngest and I ventured to Fairbanks "ghost town" one sunny day happy to Explore.  And maybe more happy they were open on a holiday so that we could get out of the house and out of my wife's way while major food was being prepared.   Please check out our first picture filled trip at     http://exarizonagobensonbobcats.blogspot.com/2016/03/fairbank-historic-townsite.html            A few days back I ventured here again --in between errands in Sierra Vista and got about a five mile hike in.   This time by myself.  A few days later I ventured across the street  to see what that area had to Explore.  But that, and the pictures is for another day.  I would like to say this is another short/quick post--but every time I seem to state that in the beginning, it seems to turn into a super long post.   ;)

X marks the spot for great  Exploring!? 
Vandals-- but not on any of the important buildings.
At least away from Tucson & greater Phoenix   graffiti seems hard to find. 

Down by the river!

We last lived in Oregon and Washington state were water was very easy to find.
So ANY time I find water here in the desert, I get pictures!

From a distance it almost looks blue.

Again under the bridge.
Zen stacked rocks and a spray painted jelly fish.

So many trials  So little time!

This was my view much of the time.  I did get in about a five mile hike on this fine day.

Last time we were here we visited the old cemetery and such.  I really wanted to venture on to the old mill area, But my hike partner had seen enough.  

Near the abandoned rail road tracks.

View from the tracks.

Water follows this trail for a good while. 

Open pit

The old mill   or at least whats left of it. 
A good view from the top, but not much more of the mill can be seen.
I had pictured, before the hike   an old wooden -huge building that could be walked through
before the hike.

More mill

Picture of what it all used to look like. 
Hard to imagine.
This mill used to run 24/7 back in it's day. 

As always thanks for Exploring with us.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Red Rock & Beyond To The Peak

       Hello readers!   I have been straying from this page for several reasons.  Although I love posting on this page the most --I also love doing the Exploring and picture taking.  If it is by myself as it is much of the time lately or with any or all of my three kiddos.  I find the blog writing, Exploring, and picture taking very calming.  And through the years have got some good adventures in--although my to do list of hikes and such, just locally has not even really been started.  When we drive as a family--I greatly enjoy seeing peaks and points that I have hiked around or to the top of.  My family does not enjoy hearing about it.  Anyways life has kept me very busy and not posting on any of my pages.  My computer also recently had a run in with the ground--and now my laptop resembles a PC more--taking up a full desk  with a plugged in keyboard and monitor.  I just got it up and running again, until we see our tax money and a new laptop might be in my future.  And lastly I have been pausing on telling this adventure because it kind of quickly went south for me.  Although I managed to get some needed alone time and lots of great pictures.  My road trip just did not have much road in it on this day.  I had planned on staying the night in Casa Grande -- and checking out the area in the following day light.  I ended up staying in Tucson, but I am getting ahead of myself.  My next phase -after posting and updating much, is to gain more readers to this fine sight.  So Please share the links if you like what you see here.   

     I have been to Picacho Peak before --there is a blog about it on this very page!  But it was a quick stop on my way to a very long hike in The Grand Canyon just over a year ago.  Feel free to browse at those pictures.  On this day I actually paid to go into the park and got a hike in.  

    By the time I got on the road it was a great day outside.  This was several months back now, and already to warm to have the car windows rolled up.  I started taking the lonely back roads just off the highway once I passed the new outlet shopping centers.  Still paved-but a slower pace and better to Explore.  It is very hard to beat a long straight dirt road though  for sure!   
Resting farm equipment with a great background.

      I pulled by the side of the road to check out the sights a little big more, and snapped a picture of yet another train rolling along.  

Just across the tracks.  

Some mesmerizing clouds in my book. 

I had to throw the car in reverse to get this shot. 
Try that move on the highway. 

I have yet to visit this plane yard, but it looks like a trip on it's own.  
Maybe next trip. 

Suddenly I was in Red Rock.

Every time we venture this direction I want to stop  Today I had time. 
I really thought there was more here--like an old ghost town. 
Not pictured is the huge set of gated track homes surrounded by a very large park and very well maintained, very boring looking trails.  

Right near the wonderful water tower. 
Even though we are surrounded by all out desert-it always disappoints me
how much pure garbage is dumped right in plain sight.  Especially if we have garbage eating/sniffing dogs with us on our hikes. 

Across I-10 the mighty keen looking post office ends this beatin' down street. 

   Outside the famous Red Rock Bar!   Complete with a large red rock--with the logo painted on.   As I paused to get the above picture, several patrons came out on the front deck and waived.  Looks like a friendly place---I will have to actually go inside and report on this when I return that way to stare at the old junked airplanes.  

  First greeted by all of this I was prepared to get a ton of great pictures just in Red Rock---but from the bar-instead of going in, I followed two lanes each direction of pavement and ended up in the middle of the rich people track homes, I already talked about.  Back on the highway for a minute. 

   Several hikes await you here at the peak.  From easy to not easy sounding.  One is a trail just for kids, according to the map.  Another is just away from the parking lot, but supposed to be a great view of the sunset.  I was entering the park to late to hike to the peaks peak according to the forest ranger after leaving the very small very boring forest service building.  The Shell gas station/tourist trap just down the road is a much better visit.  And they have fireworks.  Very illegal to actually use in this state but for sale just the same.  ;)   

Nicely groomed trails for sure. 
Although I am very sure I was soon not any trail at all on this day.  
Don't tell Ranger Rick!

So many trails  So little time!

     The huge variety of native plants in the desert always amazes me.  And each blog post I try to showcase different types.

     About the time I was not sure if I was on a trail still or a rain runoff route.  

   So on this day I awoke to a back car tire that would not hold air.  I put on our spare tire, planning to stop along the way at some Wally World with a tire center and carry on with my trip....

    After my hike I was greeted by a beyond flat spare tire.  I at first was not aware how far from Tucson I already was--in fact it was a toss up what town was closer, Tucson or Casa Grande.  Just down the road there just happens to be a tire shop---in the middle of no where USA.   In fact for a minute or three I had the theory that someone from the tire shop popped my tire because there sales were to low that week.  Beside this is a porn store---a crummy porn store at that-but one with lots of parking for lonely big rig drivers.  I eased our car down the hill to the tire store.  Wouldn't you know it--it was Sunday and they were closed!   The towing center was open--and they were more than willing to tow our car -but could not look at the car till Monday morning.  I was than in hopes that I could put enough air in my tire to get me back into Tucson.  So coasted under I-10 to the big Shell gas station.   Alas this was not an option.  A lady also have tire issues almost gave me her spare tire -but her husband on the other end of the phone did not really approve of this giving idea.  The gas station was about to close - and I really did not wish to sleep in there parking lot.  So I started going up to drivers, men mainly- so I didn't seem a threat   asking if they happened to be heading to Tucson.  Most weren't.  Most thought I was begging for change instead of a ride.   Rather quickly a couple took pity on me and drove me all the way to the Motel 6 on that side of Tucson--and would not take a dime in gas money.   If anything they said I owed them extra  french fries when they visited the restaurant I work at for the first time.  

   I got my motel stay--- but alas was still in Tucson.  I have many a picture like above in Motel 6 rooms across the country.  But this time I was kind of surprised at how much the room cost.  But with the gem fest a week later, I was lucky to even get a room.  I considered it a sign when I found all the Back to the future movies on the movie schedule that night.  But soon was sick of sitting.   I don't sit well.  Even for the time it takes to drive some were kool to Explore or to type out these blog posts.  I ventured outside the motel--happy to recall that Hooters was just up the road.  But it was a Sunday night, and everything I passed was just closing.   The room was very comfy with free Wi-Fi  so I got some good blog posting in---this was before my computer done broke.  And the next morning of course I got my tire fixed---When I pulled into a gas station on the way  home--  I spotted a man that had run out of gas just before the turn into the station    and since I was just in his same boat of a fine mess without a paddle, I jumped out of my rig and helped him push his truck right up to the awaiting pumps.   Pay it forward folks!  

      I am always updating my longest running blog sight with pictures, jokes, rants and tons of coffee love.  Please take a look around  www.wyomingjack.blogspot.com