Monday, March 30, 2015

Lego Land California Part II Designs And Games Building Inside The Park!

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Long story  short   we where under the impression that we were getting a
nice Ford car to drive on our trip.  We even had  a little Ford car reserved for our trip.
Sadly our credit report said other wise.  
And above is closer to the type of vehicle we could have rented for the long journey.
Although our vehicle might not have  been much better, it did make the long trip!
No credit needed.
After much driving   Just this sign was a very welcome sight!
The lucky prize winner
in the motel lobby.
Driving into the park
So many life sized statues ready to greet  us!
Sun filled welcome mat!
Sound the trumpets 
We have arrived
SO   when we first entered the park
Someone quickly snapped our picture   When we where all
still happy and joyous.
At the end of the day  they wanted to sell us these pictures 
when we where fresh to the park   AND happy!
I do not have these pictures at the moment   although we where suckers and bought them.
But I do have these pictures.
Hours into the park
when we meet up   and all wanted to hurt each other and go home, and punch each other
and eat big dinners   and hurt each other!
So many pictures
So little time!
And so few cameras!!
We visited the park right before Halloween 
So many of the decorations follow this theme.
Many but not all of course
My wife was the winner on this ride point wise for sure.

                                                            Time to drop a brick or two.

I kept hearing about how the park was geared towards our youngest
The prize winner.
But all the while I kept picturing all my Legos I grew up with.
And I have to say  the whole trip
Rides and all   I had a grand ol time!
One quick  short way out of the park!
Near one of the best parts of the park   because of the water!
In the beginning all of the rides where short.
Towards the end of the day  all rides expanded greatly
especially any that landed in water.
This region had a lot of water!
Speaking of water this newbie was studying up for sure!
I too see his view point and swim like a rock.
Boat rides.  Steer and bump your own smooth ride.

Please divert your eyes during my bath time.
Please do not involve the local block police.
A little fresh painting I was working on.
You like??
YOU are HERE~!!!
Lego driving school and lessons.
Movie stars !!
Star Wars Row!
Darth Vader was thirsty!!
Part of the best area of LEGOLAND.
Major city's of the USA in Legos!!
Many I have visited in my travels and Exploring.
Above  New York with the 9-11 tribute in process.
Lego Mardi Gras!
Many of these small towns also had motion to add to the fun.
And of course a viva Las Vegas was present!
As always an amazing trip with the family.
 Thank you for joining us once again on this two part picture filled adventure. 
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