Thursday, April 12, 2018

Benson Arizona

                           In front of one of the motels--actually the whole property is nice.  

Another coffee fueled trip of course!
And yes I picked up the coffee cup--after this shot.
I have actually gotten flax about such pictures---but I always pick up the cups---if they are empty of coffee or not.   They usually are not empty.  
Just after I took this picture a lone coyote crossed about 350 in front of me.  

            Just before my recent big road trip I snuck off for a quick Exploring hike here in town while I probably should have been packing.  I only took a backpack of items on my road trip, and I really needed to clear my mind in the desert on this day it seems!  I have been to this area before with the kiddos---in fact there is a past Exploring blog post all about it, but we could not stay long because we ran into a band of hobo's hunkered down in the old mostly abandoned buildings.   No squatters on this day, and no kids with me, so I had time to get some more pictures.  Not that I don't always get lots of pictures for my posts!   I would like to say this will be a short post---but I have said that before, and than they always seem to greatly expand once the pictures and explanations are written.   This is still not the post I was planning on doing next   but at this point I am just happy to be posting!    Please look through this page I now have 100+ picture filled Exploring blogs mostly around Amazing Arizona!


Empty and old buildings have always drawn me. 
Like I said you kind of have to watch out for squatters.   And steep around 
broken beer bottles and such if you go in any such buildings.
But on this day -no people were around.  

Several neat buildings on this sight and what looks like an old junk dumping spot.
And the old trees snarled all around.

Main house  
Not sure how lucky that horse shoe was

Kind of elegant prose usually saved for bathroom stalls!

Time for a bit more trail

Over the rail road track

I still believe this is one of the best sights on an extra hot or summer day!

Few warning signs

Followed a dry run off for a little bit.
That red metal in the back ground is a car door.

Have you seen The Thing?
There is a blog about it on this very blog page! 
I have heard they are changing and updating the whole museum/tourist trap.
So maybe you have not seen the thing---what will be the new thing.

Back were I parked
One of the old now empty fast food places.

A little bit later back at the homestead in 
ST David Arizona.  

So to find the above pictures for tonight's post---I came across this one from my recent road trip.  
Some where in the middle of Montana we saw this photo opp.
A lot could be said about this picture
But it is easily one of my favorites from the trip!

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Tombstone Rose Festival 2018

             Howdy folks!   So once again I am not posting the Exploring blog I was planning on posting tonight----but I am posting!   And once again my computer is not my friend --so this picture filled post-is taking about three times as long as it ever should.  ;)   More our great Internet service, but I won't be picky here.   Today after running some errands I again found myself right up the road in wonderful Tombstone!   I knew it was going to be a very busy weekend   but a free car was- enticed me.  Each and every time I go to Tombstone I get new and different pictures.   Kind of like good ol Bisbee Arizona!   And today was certainly no exception to that.   We have multiple posts from Tombstone, please do a search and check them all out.   You will not be disappointed.    I believe EVERY post from Tombstone has a picture of the old court house.   Such am amazing building.   I had to climb on a big rock in the parking lot to get today's shot. 

Caffeine filled as always!

The reason for today!
Although I was not up to paying to see this huge -world's famous rose bush today. 

This town also has the worlds best slogan.
Even when holding a rose festival.

So- as I entered town, by chance, the parade was about to start
People were fighting over parking spots
And this is my parking spot.
I drove down past the historic old court house just below The Chuck Wagon 
eatery and --my own parking lot.   Hardly a walk up to the festivities.   
Just sayin'

Just beside were I parked
I don't think they use this or the ghost town just beside this much---
But I was very sad to see all the graffiti on this building.

Just in time for the parade

A similar float I did not capture said "mail order brides' on the back.

The closest gent is a standard in town.
With his own Facebook page. 

With spring not fully downloaded in many parts of the country-and snow storms in the west even today, it grew kind of warm out today.
You can kind of catch this feeling by the sun rays in many of today's pictures.
At any rate I found actual shady spots several times to enjoy the parade from.

The tractor with the yellow rims had flames going down the side!

Not a fight   but dancing!
When I dance, they call the local paramedics
because they think I am having a seizure!  ;)

Caught up with this pointing bandit later for a close up...

I believe he told me he makes moonshine in his bathtub and toilet 
If anyone is interested.

Long pauses in the parade made it seem longer.  

Just behind me the fire department was called.
I am not sure if this elderly man was a little tipsy or just fell---
but the metal fence just out of this picture stopped his head.

The real reason many were here!

The real reason I was here!

Window signs.

Rub my belly!
Inside one of the less crowded shops I ventured into.

Sign says no parking,  but I think he parked to long.

His buddy that works for the museum

Wrong kind of Mustangs filled the streets 

This is my game at the casino! A constant win every pull. Just look for the big flashing sign with the letters ATM
OK this was in Tombstone obviously  but I have never seen this flashy sign before
and the mix of old and new --I liked.  

So originally I found out this thrift store was doing a free car wash---excepting donations of course.
The place advertises all the time and seems to really give back to the community--rare in this day and age.   
Today was my first visit here---and I was really impressed. 
Tombstone Treasures ---is today's business of the week---that does not know I am promoting them!  
All around impressed with my visit.

Freaking find of the month! ---At the above thrift store.   Framed and matted $4!! Now to date myself.... Way back when I was a kid and went to New York I went to the top of one of these buildings. Never forget!

As always