Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Reid Park Zoo--- Tucson AZ--Revisted

             Hello all!   We have been very busy Exploring and getting pictures for this very sight.  And hopefully getting new readers.  But I have not really had time to update with new posts.  And for that I am sorry.  I have many new posts and pictures waiting to join this page!   Thank you for being patient.    Many of our pictures also make it to my longest running blog page first,   check it out at         At the end of this month I am taking a well needed extended vacation from work and heading home to Wyoming to visit family and friends -mostly family.  And than on to some other great sights to Explore.  Of course the pictures and journey will make it to this page   even though it is all well beyond amazing Arizona!   Please read through our past trips to this local amazing zoo!

   About two weeks ago now, the kiddos had early release from school, every other Wednesday- and the wife and I decided to push back out date night a little bit, so that we could Explore the zoo.  Only our youngest was able to go along with me on this trip.  We have all been several times before and love this local zoo.  It has the best viewing of the animals and is not overly huge in size, like the Phoenix Zoo.   The price is also very reasonable and maybe best yet there are many attractions and food choices and such near the zoo.  Including the huge and very beautiful Reid Park--that is almost connected to the zoo.  

  On this day we went kind of late in the day, and after living here so long, I just kind of thought everything was used to the heat.   Even though I am not really fully used to the heat.  I guess this time of year the zoo closes at 3 PM---something to note if you are planning a visit.  We still had plenty of time to see the sights --but many of the animals were asleep inside and they were definitely all not as active as they might be in the early morning hours.  We did almost have the entire zoo to ourselves though.  With almost no visitors that late in the day--and an almost empty parking lot, allowed us to even park fully in the shade.   This part was amazing, but I think out next visit will find us at the zoo right after opening time in the morning.  

Just chillin'

These fish will pull you in. 

We need to borrow one of these ant eaters at our house
Just for a day!

With much fewer guests around I also had time to greatly enjoy the landscaping.  

But not to much! ;)

One huge bird?

Took a break from enjoying the sprayers to view us. 
Reid Park is full of little turtles. 

These animals were mainly floating around in there own poo.
That was the only down side of this whole visit. 

Some of the statues are almost as amazing as the animals. 

Amazing carousal was not running on this day. 
But I love this curious monkey!

Amazing place that I work at, event garden.

Each year before Christmas the casino takes over the zoo for one night, during zoo lights
and makes it a free event for workers and there family's.   One of my older posts on this very blog page is about that amazing night several years back.

Very Kool chair.

Peacocks roam the entire zoo.
Just down the road from our house in ST David there are also many to follow at the amazing monastery.   I have yet to get a picture of one with its feathers displayed. 


Where are you Exploring today??

Another great seat!

I hate snakes   seeing one on a hike could make my trip very short. 
But this lil guy was just begging to get his picture shot. 

What day is today folks....? Date day ---y'all are silly what were you thinking!? We are going to try something new tonight.

Another great statue!
Can you guess what we are viewing next?
The elephants have a huge section all there own.  
With all kinds of interpretive learning displays.  

Tiger toys.

But with the heat the tigers were very in active on this fine day.

Most of Tucson is under construction. 
Even the zoo!

We could not escape the orange traffic cones even here.
As the monkey displays seem to be expanding!

We than spent some time at the joining park.
Cooled off a bit for sure. 
My past zoo post show cases the amazing park even more. 
On this day we hid some more painted rocks.  
Something I have talked about briefly on here
But now that we are all into it more---will do a longer post 
soon  hopefully explaining it all more.  

As Always


Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Back In Bisbee!

      Good news--- I have found a file I thought was long gone with many Exploring pictures.  We now  have two vehicles --so I can ultimately Explore more, work and life permitting of course.  And I am about to take off several long stretches from work, so should be able to get some great pictures.  Although my biggest trip involves going back home to Wyoming, so will be mainly "beyond Arizona."   But still cool.    Now to just have time to post --post---post!    Please help me out by sharing this very Exploring blog page if you find you enjoy it.   

  On one of my days off work last week I stayed up all night and got some rare, for me, sunrise pictures.   And than jumped in our rig and did it my way and hit the highway.   I wished for a mind clearing hike after my driving on this day, but found the hike very beyond disappointing.  At least I had some great sights to look at and got some pictures.  Of course.  I hope the views to this here post do not disappoint me.  Although it is a short entry.   Thanks for being a reader, and as always   HAPPY TRAILS!!

   As I said this day started out early  and as I was packing a few supplies in our truck and guzzling some coffee--I noticed the glorious sun coming up.   So the first few pictures here are from our humble homestead.   Some where in the middle of no where  ST David Arizona.  ;)

     It had been raining every day at this point so the clouds were still deciding what they were going to do.    The clouds have been amazing all week long.   

I do not get sunrise pictures nearly enough
But am a firm believer that mornings would be better if they started later
Like around noon.

     As any morning or afternoon I needed coffee.   Especially after staying up all night to get an early start on the road.  And to get an early start in case the clouds decided to break  up and have the full on sun replace there spots in the sky.

My first stop was this fine place in Bisbee. 

One of several really good coffee places in the town. 
I explored the inside area a little bit again but all of the shops were still closed, and than 
left my car were it was----parking is not the easiest in this small town.  
For a quick adventure on foot while I sipped my fine coffee.  

I have been to this amazing town several times, and am always amazed at what new I find to view and Explore.   Several of my blogs are from this town   and I am sure several will be in the future.    
I had planned to make the street viewing short and hike in near by Tombstone Canyon, but more on this in a minute. 

      Just across the street from the coffee shop at the museum I have yet to actually go inside of.  
  Some day!     

Being a mining town still,   many signs tell you to keep out of about any area you are in.

    This town also has some great brew/pubs   but it was much to early in the day to think about such things.     To much. 

This town has an endless supply of art 

I last reported about finding and hiding rocks around the county and beyond and how many people were into it around here.  
I kind of laughed, until I found a painted rock a few weeks back.
Anyways, I was looking the whole time while in Bisbee    but was never sure what was part of someones yard or walkway or such.    

Another great drink    once it is to warm to drink coffee!

Even the vehicles here are painted.

Free store with some very interesting items. 
Set up around some heavily painted remains of buildings.
I did not get any closer   because on the couch to the far right was a 
sleeping homeless man. 
Maybe the free shop owner
but I was not about to find out.

Jam on!

I always enjoy a great sign.
But this one ruined my plans!

Painted right on the wall in front of several houses.

Local designers really put there heads into there work.

This was way up high   near the roof of  a very tall building. 
Kool things can be found at every turn in this amazing town. 

All bottle caps. 
Small part of the collection.
With my head as a shadow.
This shop was not yet open either.

          I than ventured back to the shops connected to the coffee shop and found a bottled water.  Payed way to much for it---for sure.   But this is Arizona and water is good!   And got back on the mighty road.  

    I thought I was then going to wind through Tombstone Canyon and find a good hike to get lost on.   I am fairly sure I did not take a wrong turn, but just seemed to end up in lower Bisbee.   But a part I had never visited before.   So not a full loss.   Were I found the above neat fire station.  And a windy road   but not a very long one.   I also found there was a Circle K in this part of town.   Were I will buy my bottled water and such on my next trip, for sure.   

  Later in the day the clouds came back and let down rain   full force!    
Flooding out the runoff/road leading to our house.    Luckily there is a back way to our home and the houses past us.   So no one was dumb enough to try a pass the fast moving water.  I seem to always be at work when this happens, so this was the first time I got to witness it here.   And of course I had to get some pictures. 

I now wish I would have gotten some live video too.

I have seen similar several times across the state
and it always amazes me how fast these areas go from dry to basically a running river.

Especially since I enjoy a good hike through the run off areas.  

The rain had just about stopped when the kiddos got off there school bus, 
and they asked why I had picked them up. 
I showed them these pictures, and they got it.

Just after we got home the rain started in again.