Sunday, July 27, 2014

More From Tucson

       Hello fellow readers!!   This very page focuses on Exploring Arizona through trips and pictures.    I have noticed there are a lot of former Washington residents living in Arizona now.  Completely different climate and people for sure, but since I am doing the same thing--I can't really say much negative about this.  Washington is a wonderfully amazing place for sure--if you have ever called Washington home or just want to see some of my better pictures  PLEASE check out another blog sight of mine mainly centered around Bellingham, WA.  A place I lived four separate times.         For ALL of our Exploring and my pictures please also check out my first and longest running blog sight  at        And lastly but not least   PLEASE check out MY Facebook sight---all of my jokes and pictures and such make it to this page first.  It also features LOTS of coffee love of course and is the quickest way to complain to me!  Exploring with Wyoming Jack/Bobble Head    Check it out   You might laugh once or twice.   Might is the key word!! ;)

I am slowly working on MANY new posts.
As always thank you for being patient!!
Including many new ideas and lots of Exploring!
Next post will once again feature my business of the week. 
Today we again roam around amazing Tucson. 
This was a few months ago when I first started my new and amazing job at the Casino.
I love my new job.  Maybe not the hours   but everyone has to start some were.
The customers and staff is amazing.
For several reasons I will not mention the name here  but if you can recognize the spot --more power to  you  and please come to visit.   I am working the dreaded grave yard shift and you can wake me up!
Day I officially filled out my new hire paper work a few months back.
Almost three months ago now---wow!
New name badge with a full cup of coffee-and a new job   what could be better?
Right after that fun I had some time for some Exploring.
San Xavier Mission
Just down from the big casino you may find Mission Street.   
A great stop for some Exploring for sure.
Tucson is full of missions for sure--I have pictured a few in the past.
This is a large one for sure. 
From the parking lot there is lots to Explore.
From the vendors to several buildings.
Even the surrounding walls are amazing.
Inside the walls are lined with amazing art.
Allowing for some great shots for sure--none of my pictures do this place justice for sure.
If you are really lucky---you can visit during a service.
Each and every wall is covered.
Just to the left of the main building is a smaller shrine.
Filled with candles.
The smell is amazing and hits you long before you enter inside.
It was now time to stretch my legs and Explore outside.
Nearby is a small mountain side to check out.
I saw all kinds of wildlife while roaming the trail--but each was to quick for me to actually capture on film.
Mighty lions mark the way.
Framed view!
Another shrine just past the might lions.
From above rocks spell out all kinds of encouragement.
Actual green country side is VERY rare in Arizona.
Mission from above
On the route into the mission is this large cemetery.
In my defence I did not see the signs to NOT take pictures until I had snapped this one.
I guess posting it kind of shows I am fully guilty.
Several abandoned buildings can also be found to Explore.
Speaking of abandoned buildings--I always find them a thrill to check out.
This is just off of I-10 around the 6th Street area.   I did not venture inside any of these buildings  but would love too!
Even the sign is impressive.
City officials want to tear this sign down because it is an eye sore. 
But I really like it.
The back side offers a truckers special--I am not sure what that is,
but also am not sure if it is not still offered--it is Sixth Street and all.

 This motel features a bar or two and several pools.
And has defiantly seen better days.
But still looks like an amazing place to check out.
I recall many years ago when I was younger and stupider--
Jumping a fence or two in Springfield, Oregon   to a sight were they were tearing down a huge old hotel.
I have not pictures but the place was an Eire mixture of fascinating, spooky, magnificent, and fully wonderful. 
Several of us roamed and ran through the halls and rooms waiting to just suddenly fall through a floor board.
At one point my buddy jumped out a window and landed on a nail---he later got to get a tetanus shot. 
I parked near by at a long ago abandoned
gas station.   You can just make out the towers from the VA in the background.
Many motels that should be abandoned can be found in this area.  And I will do a full post on these very soon.   After staying or almost staying in several over the last few months.
Another terrific sign
Across the street from the old gas station.
Tucson really is full of art of all kinds.
Next post
Finds all of us in Tucson once again.
Any guesses as to were we Explore??
Here are some picture hints.
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Sunday, July 20, 2014

Field Trip!

            A huge greetings from Sunny Tucson to all of my readers!   I have so many posts in the works for this very page.  Many of them from a great little city named Tucson.  My buddy and best friend "Professor Getty" is coming for a visit next month and we will be doing lots of Exploring and possibly terrorizing of the local residents.  This and much more will be posted with lots of pictures of course.  For much more Exploring please check out my first and longest running blog page by far  at   This page just hit 32,000 views today--so please check it out and find out what all the fuss is about.  Today a quick post from Tucson several months back when I joined our youngest on a school field trip to some museums on campus.  Since the kiddos all return to school again this Thursday--Happy day for us adults!  I must say this trip was about three months ago now.  The trip was very enjoyable for Exploring, but much of the time the adults just seemed to be chasing there group of kids around.  Maybe not the best places to visit with ten year olds---I believe most of the wonder was lost on them.  Luckily my group of kids only had four and one was my own-so I could yell at him and have him help me round up the others.  Because of this I did not get as many shots as I had wished.  That and because there were a lot of kids--and I really did not want any pictures with other peoples kids in them.  The trip did make me want to visit campus again and Explore.  I have been on some great college campuses across the country and the old buildings and such seem to always make for some neat pictures. 

We first got guided tours of this great museum.  The tour was very good although for how much there was to see--we moved rather rapidly through it all even with the young-ins short attention spans. 
Every corner of this state seems to be full or rich history. 
Rich and interesting history. 
I will not ruin the story's by trying to share any of them here.  Because I will get them wrong.
Sorry about the extra blurry picture. 
I was rushing through this part of the building chasing after some kiddos, when I snagged this quick shot.
Any guesses what this very old devise is??
As a hint---if you were ever put in one--you were in for life.  It is medical.
That is all I can say for now. 
I will reveal what this is near the end of this very post. 
First mini van?
Arizona's first state police car--no really.
Upstairs was a large area filled with hands on exhibits. 
This is a model of an old time convenience store long before Wally World took over your town.  Here I have to note that the yellow boxes in the picture hold coffee!
A large part of the museum was dedicated to mining.  With full sized equipment to check out and a mine shaft to go into. 
This section is relatively new--sadly we had to rush through the area to keep on our tour schedule.  
Once your eyes get used to the light again some great landscaping can be found outside also.
I believe the best part of the tour was while the kids were all seated in front of a life sized oxen pulling an old wooden card with wood wheels.  The ox was also mostly anatomy correct  and the kids questions soon focused on what was hanging down under the great ox. 
Our tour guide was about 80--he simply stated that this was a boy ox and that was a penis --and told the kids to move onto other questions.  Many hands went down after this announcement.
After this it was time for some home packed lunches in the grass.
And for the kids to run off some energy!
Than we entered the Natural History museum on campus.
Just outside. 
Much of this building is devoted to Native Americans.
There is a full room of great photos of native dwellings of the past.
And a full theatre to enjoy.

                Another huge part of the building is devoted to pottery.   Housing one of the largest collections in the World.   Above is just part of the display case leading into this section.  You can view all shapes and designs of pottery.  There is also a large viewing window into were the scientists piece together the pieces they find. 

                                                                        Peace pipe of old?

     This section also has a computer system that lets you roam around and view all of the logged in pieces of art.  You can electronically move shelf upon shelf and Explore the thousands of amazing pieces that call this home. 

OK boys and girls--we are nearing the end of this today's tour and blog post.   Have you had a chance to Google what this contraption is?  It is an Iron Lung. 
Three gold stars for you if you guessed right!
Two frowny face stickers for you if you have ever needed one of these.
Many more Exploring posts in the works!
Thank you for being patient.
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