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Bisbee Arizona Another Great Trip

              I am not sure I have had a bad trip to Bisbee-  although this one started a bit on the negative side.   This was awhile ago, because we were still driving our little Ford Ranger -so probably last year actually.  I try to keep these Exploring posts current for the most part but life in general gets in the way a lot.  And in this instance I might of misplaced the pictures for awhile, just finding them on my Facebook page.   That is OK  I still have a post I wish to do, from several years ago, a ways down the trail, when we went to Oregon state.  Several things are pausing me, although I have lots of good pictures from the trip--- It's not in Arizona for one.   We went on the trip as a family for a great mans funeral, my wife's amazing father   and mainly the fact that in this post, when I do it  I want to honor this amazing man more than anything.   And I am not prepared to attempt that post and fail -from the standpoint of telling how great a person he was in the post more than telling my story through pictures for once.  
       Back to this Bisbee trip----My beautiful wife and I have been to the amazing town since this journey, and just hung out all day.   It was the first time in awhile that we got along and played nice all day long.   Luckily it was the start of such days together.  And I will post those pictures before this year is up.  ;)   On this particular day I was by myself.  And as I said, it started out on bad terms.   I was attempting to fight a ticket in court.   I won't go into specifics, but the judge did not bother to show up on that day, something I have never heard of before, but small town-and he was busy I guess.   But the court clerk would have been more than glad to take my full court fee-----I decided it best to set up another day to actually attempt to talk to the judge.   Something I missed, thus why my wife and I were there on the last trip.    After getting a new court date, I suddenly had time to kill -on a sunny day---in beautiful Bisbee.   I was not letting this pass me up.   If you look back through this page  I have several trips to Bisbee under my belt.   And every trip offers new finds and knowledge.   The whole area just had a very close call with a forest fire a few weeks back--and people living local and far prayed for the town rich in beauty and history.  Luckily the fire was quickly put out.   

              I actually started this morning at this coffee shop.  One of several great coffee shops in the town.   There are few even good coffee places in Arizona so when I find one that is great, I give it's lots of praise.   I lived in Oregon and Washington state for so many years, were amazing coffee can be found ALL over --that I might have become a bit of a coffee snob.  Anyways short story shorter---I really like this place!  ;)   The workers informed me I was pretty close to the court house, so I took my coffee to go and walked in the direction they were pointing.   Parking IS kind of hard to find in town and I did have my camera. 

   Still inside the store.   Several shops and restaurants are here, but nothing was open yet.  

Inside one of the shops connected to the coffee joint.  
Kind of explains most small towns and or places I have worked.  

Just outside the coffee store.  

As I have shown in past posts from here, art can be found 
through out the town.   
And I find new treasures on every visit. 

Over the museum
A place I still wish to visit inside!

Neat-o business after business lines the streets as I progress up toward the great court house.

The theatre

As I roamed up I passed many a great sight    business or vehicle, many tucked into the side of the mountain---like a fireplace completely outside.  But I was pressed for time, court was calling.   And I vowed to snap these pictures on the way back down.

You have to look for the bomb bottom a lil bit in this picture.  

Quite an impressive building for sure!

As well as the statue out front. 
I wish this was closer up, but I was already in the middle of the street trying to get this shot.  

Right about now, is when I find out I am indeed at the wrong court. 
And not only do I need to get to my truck quickly, I need to get to the other side of Bisbee. 

So all those pictures I wished to take on the way back down, had to wait, as I mostly ran back to our truck. 

Luckily Bisbee is a small town and I made it to the other court, by the jail, if you were wondering with minutes to spare.  
As I said, court even at the right building was not happening on that day   so time to Explore some more!

I always like a good cemetery and after passing this one every trip to town, decided to find the road that led me there.  

With the mining props in the background---to Kool!  At least in my book.

There are some very old graves here.
And a lot of history. 
I later read about a lot of it and the famous people buried here. 

This probably used to be the caretakers house.  In any case it was huge. 
And calling for me to Explore inside. 
But not on this day.

The old creamery beside the cemetery

Old school just across the way     look at those doors!

I left my truck here for a bit  to the dismay of several dogs and walked towards old town.

Were I soon found this trailer park   lost in time.

Everything inside was from days past, but they did not seem to kind to people checking it out    for free.   

Bisbee houses the largest round about I have ever seen.
Complete with Large N,S,E,W letters to help with directions

Just near the round about and under this spooky bridge is old town.
I have previously shown many pictures from here. 
Including an old old Grey Hound bus that is no longer parked here.
Possibly the neatest aspect here is that they change the vehicles parked/stored here randomly.  

Old town is also named   Lowell

On this day I found it very amusing to find this water company sign on the ancient cop station door.   I am sure it has been a long while since they last paid or needed a water bill.

As I said our last visit to Bisbee was with my wife and I.
And of course it was great. 
We found our selves in the Coffee shop lobby enjoying coffee and some amazing fudge!
More on this on another day.

But first one last shot from Bisbee.
And maybe your moment of Zen.....


And as always 


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