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Pinal Air Park

      So last week I got a chance to get in some good Exploring past Tucson.  And to get pictures of course.  I also got to take what will be our oldest sons first car on the open road to see if there were any serious issues with it.  Although it did try to over heat on me, in the cars defense --I later found out it was well over 100 outside on this day.  I left our house in Saint David early with intent on a long, well needed hike in the desert.  I really had no plan -just get in the car, crank up the music, and drive.  Just past Tucson heading in the general direction of Phoenix, down I-10 I was soon distracted by the Pinal Air Park.  And found myself on the very sharp exit ramp.  I have been to the air and space museum, in the heart of Tucson before, and thought this would be much like that.  It's not.   I did get some neat pictures in before being asked to leave the area.  This pushed my hike back though into the already hot hotness of the day.   More on this as we go here.  

Check out this Exploring :
   Pinal is active base and very restricted.  I found out later in the trip, that much of the area I was walking on was closely watched ---and private property.  I had thought if I stayed outside the restricted signs and definitely the fence, I would be fine.  I kept my camera out and obvious as I walked to get pictures.  I also found out later that it is almost imposable to get inside the gates and walk around the planes in this bone yard.  You may have noticed through my Exploring that signs and fences do not usually fully keep me out of an area.  But on any military base or such facility, I follow the rules fully!

 I am going to pause for just a second here to boost my own personal blog page.  I update it much more often than this great page,  with personal pictures and Exploring.  Also with rants, rambling, attempts at jokes, complaints about the desert heat and tons of coffee love!   It is definitely not a page for everyone, but I enjoy it a lot!

                               Sorry    now back to the current Exploring!    ;)

Near the main entrance.

   So as I said this is an active base----there was a main entrance with a both, but no one was inside when I showed up.   Lots of traffic on this road.  There is supposed to be a bar that looked pretty cool just past the gate but I never found it.  Anything near the planes had actual gates.   I stopped across from this well maintained park in the middle of the base.  Although it really did not seem like anyone had been in the park for years.   

     It really was nicer than many of the public parks in greater Tucson.  Especially with the big planes framing the view!

Covered tables.

   Green grass and well maintained grounds for sure.   

   Just past the park   were I turned around to get some pictures of the actual main attractions here.  

As I said this is an active base   and on this day many parachutes gently floated down. 
It took me many attempts to get this one picture of them. 
Active base -thus all the security. 
At the air and space museum I mention above you can 
walk among the amazing planes and such.  

I of course was mainly fascinated by this control tower. 
And really want to climb up to the top. 

The above plane is parked all by itself on the other side of the road. 
It is gated off and surrounded by no trespassing signs.  

About here I was attempting to cut by the many buildings and see what the big object was near the middle of those fields.   I was staying outside the restricted area signs.

Almost back to my car I got this picture and noticed a security pickup stopped near by.  
I stayed put, and the officer never drove to me, but did ask if I worked on base.   
I replied that my car was just down the way, and I was leaving ---as I went back to walk the main road so this above was my last picture.    The officer never came closer to me, but waited till I was almost to my car before going inside the other side of this building.  
In any case I left the area just after this.  
On to take a hike at the nearby peak.
I have been here several times --posted from there on this very page several times
in fact.  
I wish to climb to the top of the main peak some day  but after the 
above Exploring, it was already about ten in the morning and already growing warm. 

So I picked an easy trail to stretch my legs before continuing on the road.  
These pictures in a very future post!   

Now I would like to bring back a feature for this sight
were I celebrate a local business that goes above and beyond on service. 
I used to do such a post in every Exploring blog  trying to do a business that was close to the sight I had Explored.     I mainly started doing this because readers were saying my other blog pages were to negative    especially when it came to local business.  
In honor of Flag Day and bringing this feature back, I am going to talk about two beyond great businesses here. 

This brings us to today's unofficial official business of the blog!
I need to work on the title but basically I pick a local business that gives great service and with
out there knowledge tell about them here.
I hope that as my Exploring blog grows --each place featured here will know about the praise and hopefully in turn get more business.  

Today I wish to talk about the Shell gas station near the peak.  
The workers are very friendly and knowledgeable about the entire area, not just there huge store.   Inside is a Subway, and huge restrooms.   And they even sell fireworks!  Every time I have been here, I have been greeted with amazing service   well beyond just wishing to sell there crap to me.  And they have a lot of product in the huge store to look at.   My wife would love the bargain bin near the back of the store, on this day filled with items that were all under a dollar in price.   

Enterprise Rental Car is my second  blurb today.
With out them a lot of my past and future Exploring would not be possible. 
They do not check credit and with a debit card or even money order you can drive away with a nice car.  Unlimited miles with most deals and very low prices have let me Explore and or see my family many a time when we had no working vehicles of our own.  The workers are always super helpful and friendly too.     Especially at the location on Tucson Street just before the airport.   It got to were I didn't even have to make a reservation, just show up   and with in a half hour the manager would have a rental for me.   

The rest of this days Exploring will be posted very soon!
Maybe even tonight   I did sleep in for a change.  
So please keep checking back on this page and share the links if you enjoy!!

And as always


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