Friday, March 14, 2014

Search For Water Part Two

    Welcome new and faithful readers!   This page has so many posts in the works--thank you all for being so patient.   Our Exploring has slowed down in the last few weeks, although it did just take me to California.  Posts to come!  We did just purchase a gas saving car, so hopefully soon--when our bank account rises a little bit, we will be taking more Exploring trips.  And these will be further away from home.  There is so much to Explore across this great state.  Please share this page with anyone you feel might enjoy it.  If they are from Arizona---or if there heart belongs here.      For all of our Exploring  please also check out my first an longest running blog page at

   On this day I was once again searching for water in the winter time in Arizona.  I had heard about the near by Willow Lakes area and just happened to have some free time with Butch to check it out.  Although I never found the lakes on this day--weather they be dried up this time of year, or I was searching in the wrong area,  I did find some great spots for some future hikes.  I also found got some good pictures along the way.   

A farm house along the way.
The old equipment allowed for some neat pictures.
The long twisty dirt road is also a fun drive. 

Just around a long bend
I found a huge field of green. 
A very rare and welcome sight when living in the desert. 

Further up I found more signs of civilization
and even some water.

Although the water was all beyond nasty.
I was amused to see signs painted all around the above water tank that said 
"No swimming!"

A little further down I found this large pond.  
But still no lakes.
From a distance it looks quite peaceful and almost like a tranquil oasis.
But the area was covered in flies and even Butch our dog would not drink the water.  

I have talked before about always finding random piles of garbage every time I hike.
I always seem to find one lone shoe also.

Time to roam around the desert looking for the lakes.

This was all on the same day
but the date stamp on my camera was having issues. 
I need to just take the date stamp off the pictures all together. 

Although I kept seeing signs that large bodies of water were close
I never found any.  

Looking towards Benson and beyond.
More hills just waiting to be Explored
on another day. 

Again I found no lakes or
drinkable water on this day. 

Later in the afternoon my wife and I snuck off to The Horseshoe 
for lunch. It was the first time we had ventured there.
And I must say the food and service was very good.  
Good service --in any field is hard to find it seems. 
I am sure the restaurant does not need praise
it seems to always be busy 
and a well known town landmark.
But The Horseshoe is my
un-official official local business of the day.
Meaning I pick places that have given us great service
and the business has no idea they have been picked. 

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