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4th Of July 2013 Revisited

    ** Just over a year ago we moved from almost the Canadian boarder in Washington state to very close to this boarder in Benson, Arizona.  It is amazingly hard to believe we have been here so long now.   We do not find the town as magical or welcoming now for sure.  But it still is a very great town with very low crime, and maybe most importantly it is not Tucson!  Small towns put on the best 4th of July celebrations for sure----really any celebrations in smaller towns seem to rock.  This was our experience way back in 2013.   Very soon I will post about this year  still here in wonderful Benson!!**

4th Of July Blast Benson Arizona Style

                    I have a lot of things on my plate right now.  But improving all of my pages is one of the top priority's.  So as always please leave comments.  And check out my Facebook page    Everything gets posted on this page before any were else.      Very soon I will do a directory, picture filled post of all of my exploring blog posts from both of my sights.   This will do several things.  It will make each blog easier to locate for myself and my few fans.   It will also put a story behind many of my personal pictures.   And it will act as a close to my Bellingham, Washington blogs, but a begging to my newest blog series.   All about exploring Arizona.   I will take everything I have learned from the past few years, and try to make this sight really awesome.  With a ton of new ideas, pictures, and exploring.   Also with a ton of new fans hopefully!   

      Last post I talked about my family's 4th of July fun in Bellingham, Washington.   This year we are in our new home of Benson, Arizona.   I grew up in a very small town, almost a village in Wyoming.   

    But now have been in bigger city's for awhile now.   So getting used to everyone being friendly, and such takes awhile.   There a great things and not so great things about everyone knowing everything about you.  One quick thought though to the local drivers.   Everyone in town might know your whole life history, they might even know were you are driving, but just in case they don't -- please use your directional signals.  Just sayin'
Anyways, as I said this is our new home town---and we find it great!  
This also means that when my Exploring Arizona blogs (I am still working on the blogs name) come along, Benson will be the base point for many of the exploring and adventures.   I will also go into much more depth about the city very soon.   

      As we lined up in the sides of the street for the big parade I half expected to be very disappointed.   Maybe a few pets marched down the street, followed by some horses, and than maybe a guy on stilts holding some sparklers while playing a flute.   But we were greeted by a very large crowd of spectators.   Many times more people were watching, than live in this town. And every person we talked to, made us feel welcome!

                                                    Waiting for the parade to start!

     Our poor dog, Mr Max---is a trooper!   He has never left Washington state, and was hating us for dragging him to what I affectionately call the "land of the sweating sun."   Now he some what forgives us, and just lays under the air conditioner.   A big doggy grooming/spa day is coming up in his future for sure.   

                                You can just make out St Vincent  DePaul's 
They have been super help full in our move!   And we hope to start giving back to them very soon.   I also see the super store making it into my blogs quite a bit.   Hope they don't mind.  ;)  

Stay out of this gals, above way when road rage sets in.

This year had a very patriotic theme for sure.

With lots of small town flair too!

I was very impressed to see none of the horse riders wearing helmets.
I was at the Sheridan Wyoming rodeo parade last year, 
and was highly disgusted to see most of the riders with helmets on. 
Really?  In the deep west.   
Anyways, it ruined it for me.  

Mini horses in all there glory.
In a super large picture.  

If this shows up at your house, the party is over.

Super nice bikes were next.

And look  that Great thrift store is in the background again.  
Did I mention they sell about anything you could need, at a low low ---much lower than Wally World  price?

With many of the tractors   it was hard to tell if the ride or rider was older.

Rail Road Pizza's nice float and  delivery truck.

I have to pause here to say that 6 years ago we went to a RR Pizza in Queen Creek, Arizona and feel in love with there garlic twist bread sticks.   THIS location in Benson --has the same awesome recipe!   My wife and I could say great things about them all day.
The company is not paying me to type this--I am sure they won't even see this, for a long while, if ever.    But if they wanted to give us free bread sticks, I would post positive and true thoughts about the store ALL the time.  

The kiddos in blue, green, and pink are ours.
I apologize to anyone else that ended up in my pictures.  

The fire departments were the true stars of this parade.
Especially with the multiple victims just across the state earlier in the month.

The fire departments were the true stars after the parade also.
With a town wide water fight.  
This mainly consisted of lots of fire hoses full of water raining down on a very hot and very happy group of people.   
Soon the fields were full of mud.  
But a great time was had by all.

We disappeared from the city park after this and had our first BBQ in Benson.
Than just enjoyed being a family for awhile. 

We than loaded up and headed back to the park to catch our first laser light show.  
Sadly we still hope to see our first laser light show next year.
The weather was supposed to get very bad, and they canceled the show.
Disappointing  but understandable. 
Many times a big storm puts on an amazing show.

The worse part was that the storm never hit us here.

MANY Exploring blog posts in the works!!

As always

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