Sunday, September 21, 2014

Z Z Top Concert

         About a month ago on what started out to be a beautiful night, but was soon very full of rain--our oldest and I ventured to Tucson for a great concert.  I happen to work at Casino Del Sol and they give out tickets to many of the concerts to workers plus one guest.  I find myself at work during most of the concerts, because that is were the tip money is at for sure.  It just happened on this night I was off work.  A few days before, I asked our fourteen year old to Google some Z Z Top--and tell me what he thought of the classic music.  They have been playing concerts for 40+ years now, so finding the music was easy.  He liked what he heard, and was more than ready to come along with me that night.  Especially because the next day was a school day and we would be out late.  I have not been to a concert for a very long time so I was also very excited.

My camera decided to stop working before the main act.
So I am very sad to say I have no actual pictures of the seasoned bearded performers. 
This is the casino's stock picture and I hope it is fine to use it. 

At first the real show was the amazing sun set. 
It started out as a great almost cloud less night.

We found a prime spot on the bright green grass - wishing we had brought a blanket or two.

As it grew darker the clouds started to move in.
And the show again was in the sky.
With the clouds growing ever darker.
And the lightning moving in.

All the band equipment was covered just in case.

And as the opening acts came out  we thought the rain was going to blow around us.

                                                   Still dry as Jeff Beck put on a great show. 

On one of the many big screens.

As they were exciting the stage the rain started to dump down.
In fact the area was starting to flood out.
And we were soon completely soaked.
At one point we joined some concert goers by the fence line, and helped hold up a beer banner over all our heads to stay dry.

                      The beer tents were packed because they had beer and because they were covered. 

   Soon enough the rain moved on, and we could leave our cover and enjoy the rest of the show.

As I said my camera gave out before the main act.  But it was an amazing show and night. 

            Next post more adventures with my buddy while he was in the area visiting. 
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