Monday, April 20, 2015

Picacho Peak & More Downtown Tucson Exploring

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A few weeks ago I had to much free time and a little extra gas in the gas

and decided to Explore around Tucson once again.

I am often amazed at the sights than can be found around almost any turn 
while in the big city.  
Even when I am lost, I am taking notes on how to get back to the 
area to snap some pictures. 

On this day I started near Picacho Peak

I had a little time to also check out some of the state park.
But mostly ended up with pictures of 
the desert in bloom.

Near the entrance to the state park, I found some old buildings to check out.
I am always a sucker for run down and or empty buildings.

The old Nut House Restaurant.

Just across the street. 
If you look closely you can spot Tow Mater 
And the adult shop in the background. 

Venturing past the adult store  down a deserted dirt road. 

I often think how much I need a metal detector while Exploring.

Some more desert blooming and allergy sufferers nightmares.

One last flower shot.

It was still early in the day   so I soon found myself near downtown and on foot. 

I love the old motel signs that can be found. 
I have not visited any of these joints yet but after passing them believe that not much 
past the great signs can be found appealing.  
I plan to do a post just about some of the worse motels in Tucson
now believing that local health codes diminish the longer in business.

One last such example from this day.
I somehow doubt this Best Western is worth the extra cash.   Can be found near the above Tuscon painted sign.

This strip of great signs  near campus lights up at night. 
There is a cactus a few blocks from here that lights up the night also.
But I can not find that picture at this point.

Speaking of run down---If this bar is indeed still open
I don't think I wish to venture inside.

I do not believe I have ever seen this sign before.  
And although it might well be my sign
I do not know for sure what it means.

Even the signs in Tucson are rude!

                                                        Yet another great down town door. 

Old abandoned school just waiting to be Explored. 
I thought it was neat how the mascot was now covered over. 
Almost as with white out.

I have talked about this before   but have a love/hate relationship with 
city art of any kind.  
Tagging can be amazing.  
The above picture is amazing.   Just down from the closed school. 
Far to the right you can just make out Marvin the Martian!
But on the same note   much spray paint art is just pure destruction and eye sores. 
Like the fools that paint on the local cactus. 
The only thing worse in my eyes, where the people in the last town I lived in --that
found a need to write on everything-with Sharpies.  Now that shows some real guts.
Simply tagging something does not mean you own it-as some might believe.
If this was true--I would be the owner of 12 Wal Mart stores by now.
Although vandalism in many cases-more times than not
the artwork is amazing. 

Several of these examples can be found on a nearby gym.  
Where I am guessing the painting is welcomed. 

And more from the gym.
If you took the time to do any of these--
Kudos to you ---no foolin'

Abandoned clothes and camping gear rest at the feet of this unhappy camper.

I actually find the tree more calming than anything  in the above picture.

How many licks does it take?

Further down the road 
but equally as great.

This castle/rentals caught my eye on this very day.

And as a parting shot---This street shares my last name.

MANY new posts and pictures in the works.
Including a post all about Benson   marking our 2nd year of living here.
Above is some new great art on the side of the Benson court house.

Also a very picture filled post about my recent trek to and through the Grand Canyon.

And as always


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