Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Pima County Fair 2015 Y'All!

       Since we have moved to Benson almost two years ago, we have talked and dreamed about going to the Pima County Fair in Tucson.   Something seems to come up before we do a lot of fun events.  Because of some recent big family conflicts, I went to the fair by myself last Tuesday night in an attempt to have some big fun and to clear my head.   My wife and much of her family is very involved in carnivals so we have been to many a carnival and fair in the past.   Many of my past posts testify to that.  At one point in time, I even thought about using the family pull to spend a month or so on the road with a carnival just to say I had done that.   All of this said a few quick thoughts.   We have never seen this group in action.   And the performers have a very large selection of games and rides and such.   My wife usually knew the groups we went to visit or had relatives on the circuit, so we got full access of sorts and behind the scenes perks.  Lastly all things considered, this was probably not the best way to clear my head --because everything reminded me of us and our problems.  Out of a long line of visited fairs and carnivals across the country I was kind of disappointed in this one.  Maybe it was just all the memories that flooded my fun waves.  Maybe it was just because I was here alone on this night.  None of you care about any of this, so I can tell you without lying that I did manage to sneak in some really good fun at the fair!   I will be working on greatly expanding the readership of this page in the next few months.  Complete with lots of new features, posts, and of course  pictures.   I hope you enjoy everything you see here, and share -share -- share this great link!

Although I did refrain on this night from riding any rides
some of them really did look amazing.
Many carnival rides just seem to make me instantly sick  even while watching from the ground.
This group had everything from roller coasters to zip lines. 
I must say I really want to ride the new zip line across old town in Las Vegas on my next visit. 

Lets all face it--no one reading this
will ever be as cool as the rider topper for this ride!

I entered the fair near the livestock barns.  
The above goat was all over his pen.

Calmer kids already played out. 

I grew up in Wyoming and hear jokes about sheep
mostly centering around sheep being good lovers and safe.
This being a reserve champion sheep --I will not touch with a written joke for any amount of cash. 

I was a little sad that I could not attend any of the rodeo.
But-again growing up in Wyoming I have seen many a great rodeo.

Leaving the animal pens, near the hand washing stations-I spotted this styling old tractor.

Three hour stop off for many people at the fair I am sure.  

Chain saw sculptures in action
Before and after. 

My new home greeting sign?

Being in the middle of the desert the sea lion show was pretty nifty.

I always enjoy a good wind mill.  
This one was surrounded by old tractors and such.

Tow Mater?  

Look closely    good or bad parking job?

Life is a constant journey.

In many a post I have talked about the joys of a carnival corn dog. 
And this eating experience was also top notch. 
One has to order from the food carts actually on the carnival lot  not the out lying 
I do not know what they do to the corn dogs--nor do I ever
want to learn the secret   but they are super amazingly good.

As the sun slowly disappeared the activities and fun continued. 

Watching the bull ride was enjoyable multiple times on this trip. 
A buddy and I always thought buying one of these, and just traveling would be great. 
Get microphones to bring in /egg on the customers. 
Across from this--after it was dark I caught a great comedy hypnotist performance. 

Next post I venture to Nogales for the first time. 

Monday, April 27, 2015

More Benson, Arizona Exploring

              Since starting this Arizona page I am often very positively surprised at the vast amount of breath taking sights to Explore just miles from home.  I hope to check out sights all across this amazing state as my bank account and time off work grows.  My very picture filled post about a huge hike through the Grand Canyon will be posted very soon!    I have an ever increasing list of places to check out.  Many of them close to home.  But some times it's just as fun to grab your dog or hike partner and jump in your vehicle and just drive.   On this sun filled day, Butch and I once again found our selves Exploring Benson.   In June we will have lived in the area for two full years.  O how does time fly so fast!?   I hope to do a very picture filled post on some of the best I Benson has to offer.  And how little the area has really changed through this time.   For much more Exploring, gallons of coffee love, and random rambling please also check out my first and longest running blog page at

                                                         Mr. Butch ready to Explore!!
                                               He has been to the vet a lot in the past few weeks-
                                             we hope and pray for a full and quick recovery!
                                          Good hikes are just not the same with out him.

So many trails
So little time!

If you turn between the local Denny's and Jack in The Box
just past the motel the paved road ends.

I finished my brew from the new --local actual coffee joint
*full thoughts on this place coming soon*
Cliff notes: I like the place!
Put on my hiking boots, switched to water, and than we set off. 

Trail marker?

Last time we ventured to this area was after lots of rain.
When much of Benson was trying to flood. 
I have pictures of this of course too.
Anyways Butch found a cooling home in a huge mud puddle and almost could not get back out 
of the deep mud on his own.   Above is the after math. 
I had our old car on that day and had to call my wife to bring the truck 
because I would not let Butch back in our car.  ;)

The vast variety of clouds this area has to offer always amazes me too.

        The vast and amazing--at least  to me amount of vegetation in this area always impresses me too.  I try to post new examples of pretty blooming in each and every post.  And am often surprised that no two examples I find are the same. 

I was more than a little surprised to see billboards for this Tucson resort so far this direction. 
Although they line the highway far before you come into to Tucson from the Phoenix  direction. 

We started by continuing to the left. 

I have many adventures involving rail road tracks. 
I know it is not the safest idea  but 
in the summer time I find nothing better than walking 
a long set of tracks.  

Some great art for the train passengers.

Rest time!

Above our resting spot.

Yet another sign to ignore.  Or follow I mean.

Beyond leads into greater Benson  near Safeway.

Butch was soon ready to move on....

Off toward them there hills!

Great old tunnel under the R R tracks.

Just on the other side of the train tunnel
Almost looks like lots of bags of drugs.

Just to the left of this is again the rail road tracks. 

Next a visit to the Pima County Fair!