Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Fairbanks AZ Revisited

     I really enjoy this very page--but do not get the chance to update this page or advertise it nearly as much as I would like to!  I have a ton of updates and new pictures in the works.  So please keep checking back to see what is new or what you might have missed.   And as always for up to date pictures and Exploring please check out my longest running blog sight at www.wyomingjack.blogspot.com      

Once again I found the above buildings fully closed to any access. 

   Months ago our youngest and I ventured to Fairbanks "ghost town" one sunny day happy to Explore.  And maybe more happy they were open on a holiday so that we could get out of the house and out of my wife's way while major food was being prepared.   Please check out our first picture filled trip at     http://exarizonagobensonbobcats.blogspot.com/2016/03/fairbank-historic-townsite.html            A few days back I ventured here again --in between errands in Sierra Vista and got about a five mile hike in.   This time by myself.  A few days later I ventured across the street  to see what that area had to Explore.  But that, and the pictures is for another day.  I would like to say this is another short/quick post--but every time I seem to state that in the beginning, it seems to turn into a super long post.   ;)

X marks the spot for great  Exploring!? 
Vandals-- but not on any of the important buildings.
At least away from Tucson & greater Phoenix   graffiti seems hard to find. 

Down by the river!

We last lived in Oregon and Washington state were water was very easy to find.
So ANY time I find water here in the desert, I get pictures!

From a distance it almost looks blue.

Again under the bridge.
Zen stacked rocks and a spray painted jelly fish.

So many trials  So little time!

This was my view much of the time.  I did get in about a five mile hike on this fine day.

Last time we were here we visited the old cemetery and such.  I really wanted to venture on to the old mill area, But my hike partner had seen enough.  

Near the abandoned rail road tracks.

View from the tracks.

Water follows this trail for a good while. 

Open pit

The old mill   or at least whats left of it. 
A good view from the top, but not much more of the mill can be seen.
I had pictured, before the hike   an old wooden -huge building that could be walked through
before the hike.

More mill

Picture of what it all used to look like. 
Hard to imagine.
This mill used to run 24/7 back in it's day. 

As always thanks for Exploring with us.

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