Monday, November 11, 2013

Coronado Park Exploring & Beyond!

          On Friday I ventured about an hour down the road to pick up ten boxes of donated books for our take a book leave a book program.

             It was another amazing Arizona day with temperatures in the mid 80's, so before picking up the books I had some time to Explore.  There are amazing hikes all up and down this region.  At every skill level.  And further up are some caves to Explore.   I was told they are big enough a semi could drive straight through them, and not touch any of the sides.   The area is very close to the Mexican boarder.  Cameras and boarder patrol are very thick in the area.   I was surprised to see all of the signs in the park, warning of smugglers in the area.   After living on the Canadian boarder for so long, it is strange to be on this boarder now.   I stayed far enough on the American side to not get deported or smuggled, this trip.   I somehow found myself across the boarder while living up North many a time.  But Canadians tend to be a little friendlier.  Plus I am not positive I would be allowed back across the boarder. 

There is no fence here.
This dark, wide strip of  dirt that looks like a rail road track in this picture
is actually the boarder line. 

                             Again you can just make out the boarder line from this view point -higher up in the surrounding hills. 

                                                Butch is more than ready to get out of the truck and Explore!


                On this day it was just me and Butch.  We parked at the visitors center -had some food and than set off.
  I never actually made it to the memorial, but got in some good sight seeing for sure.   I thought we were on a quick trek to visit the day use area--but soon found myself heading up one of the many mountains.   Why are all of the best hikes -straight up-hill?   Butch right at my side to protect me from a would be smuggler.  Actually I was equally worried about him being snatched up, him being a pit bull and all.

The trails are very well maintained and marked. 
Although this trail soon became very narrow, with tall grass all around.
Not the best when you are as afraid of snakes as I am.

So many trails---so little time!

                                                                                      Natural tree arch.

Window through this old tree.

Views of the surrounding mountains from the parking lot

We eventually ended up at the top of this one. 
With an amazing-top of the World view.

Next times hike, perhaps.

This super easy trail leads to the picnic/day use area.

There are miles and miles of great hikes in this area.

Just up highway 92-heading towards Herford and Sierra Vista I
spotted this monastery on the hill
and had to get a closer look
and some pictures.

I did not feel like climbing any more hills or
getting preached to--so these pictures are from a distance.

Back on highway 92
Very lonely and plain portion of the desert heading in the general direction of Bisbee.
I was finally on my main mission---to pick up the donated books.

About 23 miles out of Bisbee just before Palominos, Arizona in the heart of Miracle Valley I spotted
this massive building and instantly knew that I would have to ignore all of the No Trespassing signs and Explore it all!

Several outlying buildings outline the property. 
But the main building with the dome was were I ventured.
Not knowing at the time if this was a church or catholic school.
I just knew it looked very kool and inviting.

Because of a feeling I can really describe--I did not feel right taking pictures from the inside.

After posting these pictures--an alert reader sent me this posting that tells and shows all about the sight.

I did not write above
But it is a great read--please take a look at the above link.

I am VERY glad I read all of this -after venturing inside!
It is very spooky and morbidly thrilling at the same time. 
And could easily be our Halloween destination next year. 


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