Friday, November 15, 2013

Early School Release Day Exploring!

                 Every other Wednesday is early release for the local schools.  It seems amazing how many days they get off per month.  And I heartily  congratulate any family with kiddos that also has both adults working!  My wife and I have both worked in the past, and would basically trade off the kids in the parking lot-kiss-and rushed off, one to work the other home.   Now we take turns being the main bread winner of the home.   At the moment I am back to staying at home---and I do not sit well, so have been taking a lot of Exploring pictures.   On Wednesday all three kids and our two dogs ventured just down the road.   We parked near the cemetery on High Street, and ventured into the surrounding hills. 

Follow the dirt road to the right before the entrance
and it dead ends at a great parking spot. 
Also a great place to start Exploring.

We followed the water run offs and soon crossed over the road.

It is rare to have all three kids with me.
Or both dogs.
Ever more rare is to see them all getting along!

                                                      Happy campers ready to sniff out more Exploring!!

                                                        Kool tree in a fork of the now dry water flows.

                                                     So many hills are in this area to Explore and master!


Butch enjoying the view

                                                                         His view of wonderful Benson!

Again I state that almost everything in the desert is sharp and or angry!
So watch your step. 
On this day I lost my footing and went home with some nice deep cuts n the back
of my legs -courtesy of the plant life. 

Break time in the shade. 

             We attempted to again follow the water flows -back to our truck--under the concept that water did
not flow up hill, so we did not have to climb any hills.   We soon learned that we had to climb some more hills and that we had over shot our parking spot just a little bit.   We were down by the public swimming pool.   Any area we have Explored before.    A quick trip got us back to the vehicle and off to the park, to refill all of our water bottles. 

                                                   Time to relax and gain some energy to write that next blog post. 
                                                           This is our 2nd home office--although with the lap top I kind of just
                                                           Set up office were ever I am at the moment.   Including my personal favorite
                                                            Space on the couch on our car port.  



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