Sunday, January 12, 2014

More From Dragoon

   Greetings readers!   Yesterday the boys, Butch, and I took a break from all of the work we have been doing this week, and returned to Dragoon to Explore.  Much of the hike was on private property, so I will not explain our location in much detail.  But we started very near the off ramp for the big town of Dragoon. 
    We did resist going further into private property at the above pictured point.  Although getting to the top of this mountain looks very appealing to me on a later date.  Maybe when I do not have the kiddos with me.  Also greatly appealing is to be out this way, when the sun sets.  Arizona sun sets are always amazing, and so different every time.  But with all of the surrounding very large rocks, it would make for a great back drop.   On this day all the large rocks provided training grounds for the kids to practice there Ninja skillz.   I refrained from to much rock climbing, but soon found myself sweating.  Making it hard to wrap my mind around the fact that it was still only early January.  One really does have to enjoy living in the desert.  Especially one that grew up in Wyoming.  Were it is cold, and than really cold, and than summer for about two months.   If you are lucky!   Although here it just means that the really hot temperatures are just lying in wait. 

The rock formations in this whole area are amazing.
And fun to climb.

Near the start of our adventure.

We started in a river run off that was very sheltered.
But it was still impressive to me how many leaves remained on the trees in this area.

Another great natural picture frame.

This old tree kept becoming the focus of my attention.
Until bigger and better rock formations became part of the landscape.

                       A natural playground for sure.  Or just a great place to play king of the hill! 

At about this point I saw a work truck in the distance.   So we took off further away from civilization.
Just in case.  I know for sure I can not out run bullets.

You can just make out Butch, above doing his own Exploring.

There he goes again!
This time he found some shade to hang in.

I enjoyed all the rocks
Give me a break.

So in the above picture I was attempting to show our youngest climbing up this hill, in a close up shot.
But he feel down right before I snapped the shot.
You can just make him out, in the weeds to the right, going down.

Here I attempted again, but got the shot while he was still getting up instead of actually looking at the camera.

Butch is a young pup still, but he was even dragging butt from the adventure and the heat.
So we soon decided it was time to start heading back to the truck.

Near were we had parked, was these pathways that lead clear under the highway AKA I-10.
This one blessed us!  Look at the top.  
And they were both amazingly long. 
So much so, that by the middle of the tunnel it was very dark and very hard to see anything.

On the other side we found many more great rock formations and this old car section. 
Another quality day of slacking and Exploring.


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