Friday, January 3, 2014

Tucson Medical Clinic & Beyond.

        The last few weeks have flown by at our house-- as I am sure they have at yours.   Before and during Christmas my beautiful wife found herself in the hospital.  On Christmas Eve the kiddos and I went to visit her, and we all opened our one present.   On Christmas day I did some big haggling and found someone to watch all three kids, while I spent a sleepless night with my wife in the hospital.   The kids were great about it all -and even agreed to push back the main present opening, until she was out of the hospital so that we could open everything as a family.  I hope that all of my readers had an amazing joy and family filled Christmas.  And that there New Years Eve was both safe and fun.  I also hope that you are doing better than myself with your new resolutions, and they at least held true for the first whole week of January!    Today we Explore the hospital a little bit.  And than a park I found after turning the wrong way one afternoon on the way home. 

      On the Monday before Christmas my wife found out she had diabetes.  That evening she was in the Benson hospital ---with alarmingly high numbers on just about every reading.  At some point very early in the AM on Tuesday they had shipped her via ambulance to TMC.   This is a huge hospital, but all on one level.  This would make you think it was easy to navigate-but it is not.  I spent a lot of time lost in this hospital.   At one point while attempting to leave, I thought I had seen the tall parking garage I had parked in, but soon realized it was a similar parking garage on the complete other side of the hospital.   To keep from the maze inside the building I circled the entire outside of the campus.    And I must say it is a long walk!   And the landscaping is amazing!

  This orange tree just outside her window was very intriguing to the kids.  But we never did actually visit it.

           A new oasis could be found and enjoyed around every corner.  But our truck was still miles in the distance.

                                                       Even the cactus around the hospital were festive!

A few things to show inside the hospital...

Mainly because I am easily entertained.

                                                             Inside the large and very calming chapel. 

This is a hidden toilet in the room  *closed

                                                    We were beyond amazed with this.   *Open  and I have to say this was hours of fun
 and entertainment.  Although we never used it.  

  In the begging she had Iv's coming out of both arms  and moving around the room was not an easy task.  
I will spare you the picture of her I took at about this time---because she looked beyond sad and miserable.

 Here she is un-hooked from the IV's and looks much happier.   Mainly because she just found out that when she was released she could eat one MC Griddle AND stay in her new diet restrictions. 

  The day after Christmas, and my sleepless sleep over, I made a wrong turn leaving the hospital and happened across this huge park.   It was at least 60 degrees outside, and we had a good babysitter for the kids, so I jumped out and did a little Exploring.   This is a huge-amazingly maintained park.   With many ball fields and even a large swimming pool. 

     The pool of course was closed on this day  but the surrounding mountains would leave an amazing back drop to any swimming trip. 

These surrounding mountains just call for me to climb them. 
I have sadly not had much time to Explore the greater Tucson area yet. 

Walkway to the museum and surrounding old buildings still
has some fall leaves clinging on for dear life.

This is actually a very old hospital.
Kind of interesting to view
And interesting after spending 24 hours at the hospital.

Across the street there are more buildings to view.
Each being worked on and preserved at this time.

                 Sadly on this day the museum was not open.   But the building made for a nice picture. 

In yet another field to the right of the museum
this man was trying to gain some serious air time. 
Trying was the key word at least while I was watching him.

Just by the road.

Last week my sister came to visit us.
It was the first time she had meet my wife or our kids.
We ventured to Tombstone once again for some good old fashioned sight seeing. 

This is the old court house in holiday glory.
I have so many pictures of this super kool building. 
More on this adventure coming soon!

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