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July 4th 2014 Benson Arizona

                     I try to keep these posts as recent as possible but it just does not always happen that way.   That said, yes I realize that it is now August.  For the sake of using the magic of the Internets, you as the reader can pretend it is still July or that this is an old posting that you have just come across.  Last year was our first fourth of July in Benson, Arizona.   We were brand new to the area, and really enjoying all the new residence had to offer.   Small towns have the most amazing -down to earth festivals for sure.  Ones that will make everyone feel welcome.  Read more about last year here:  http://exarizonagobensonbobcats.blogspot.com/2013/09/4th-of-july-blast-benson-arizona-style.html

     This year with my work schedule restricting the festivities I could enjoy and after living in the town for a year--my out look may not be as sunny on everything.  Don't get me wrong it was still an amazing celebration.  Again please ignore the date stamps on all of these pictures.  It really was this year. 
     I grew up in a super small town and every year they had a super amazing fireworks show.  I imagine this is still true, but I have not actually witnessed a show back home since about 1997.  Some years in my travels the lighting put on an amazing show, but than canceled the actual fireworks.  I hear the place I work puts on a very great show also---Casino Del Sol--but I have yet to see this either.  I believe the best fireworks display I have witnessed --was in a very small town in the middle of Nevada several years back.  I do not recall the name of the town, and am sure it is a mere dot on the state map.   My wife and I were traveling cross country near area 51.   I kept seeing these bright flashes in the sky that could not be lightning.   It was messing with my head even more, because my wife never saw any of these for miles and miles.   I was growing more and more un-easy   even after she started to spot the bright flashes in the sky.  At some point in the hills we pulled into a super small town, and witnessed THE best firework shows I have ever seen!  I do not know how this tiny town paid for such a show--maybe from speeding ticket fines of youngsters trying to get out of the town when they turned 18? 

Our youngest waiting for the parade to start
and for candy!

Uncle Sam made quite a few appearances in this parade.
At the moment he is heading the wrong way up the street.

      This year I started work in Tucson at the above mention casino at midnight and got into Benson just in time to quickly park and than enjoy the parade and my amazing family.  I only got to enjoy the parade and than went to bed, because I again had work that night.   It also allowed me to enjoy the big fireworks show that night in the Lions Park.  Of course the huge fireman led water fight and music and such went on in the park all afternoon long. 


                               The local fire crews have stayed extra busy again this year.  
          And I wish to thank each and every one of them, especially the volunteers!

Every local event I enjoy taking a picture of the drunk wagon.
But I am easily amazed.
This year I will pass on a lame joke about the party being over when they arrive.
I will also apologize now for anyone that appears in my photos that did not come to the parade in the same vehicle as me. 
The old law makers and DUI task force.
R & R Pizza
The most amazing bread sticks around!!

I believe this is the first time I have every seen Ronald Mcdonald in a parade before.
In Benson or any town USA.
This years parade was almost double as large as last years.
I really liked all of the old tractors
and the equally old drivers. 
Out of all of the shots here of random viewers
I will claim the girl in blue above as one of my kiddos.
At least most of the time I will claim her.
Again this was a great and highly patriotic show.
And I would like to thank everyone that makes this possible
and very enjoyable every year!
Next posts feature my buddy and my Exploring of the area.
He was in town for three days and we tried to see as many sights as possible.
With Tombstone of course on the list. 

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