Monday, August 4, 2014

Reid Park Zoo Tucson

              A few weeks back -I realize the date stamp on these pictures says a few years back, but we did not live in Arizona at that time.  The date stamp is now removed from all pictures for future posts.  On this day all of us took off for an adventure to the Reid Park Zoo in Tucson.  It is very rare that we all can go Explore at the same time, AND ever more rare that we all enjoy the day!  We have been to a lot of zoo's including the amazing one in Phoenix.   One of the few things I actually enjoy in Phoenix.  But that zoo is to huge--by far.  And after paying to get in, you feel like you should see everything.  All of this while battling the heat of the desert.  Tucson zoo is the perfect size--not to big not to small.  With amazing landscaping and some areas to cool off and get wet in.  Although they are built for little kids.  As in many of our adventures I would strongly recommend eating before going or taking a lunch as we did and enjoying it in the huge park beside the zoo.  On the zoo ground a fountain soda rang it at over $3 a piece.  Several stores including a large Fry's are nearby if you did not think about packing a lunch--and than saw the food court prices.   In the same area is a golf course, water park, and the huge park.  Everything is right off of 22nd Street.  I had before drove past here many times, and did not know a large zoo was in the area.  A large elephant greets visitors near the front entrance.

Peacocks can be found roaming free through the whole zoo.
I recall living near peacocks several times while growing up and they were amazingly noisy birds all of the time.  But they make up for it in there beauty.  Although above is the only tail feathers we saw rise on this trip.
This one almost blends into it's surroundings.
Another large bird that wanted to visit.
Just outside the zoo entrance.
Just to the right is the water park.
And just past is the huge park.
Patiently waiting for zoo tickets.
One of the first exhibits you pass is home of the great tiger. 
He was passing all over his cage on this morning.
Most of the animals were out and awake because we went in the morning.
Although they had to entice the bears to come out --with food.  Lots of food.
The mighty giraffes have a huge pen in the middle of the park.  The almost open pens allow for
some great pictures and almost make you a part of the exhibit. 
Again please ignore the date stamps on these pictures.
I snapped lots of pictures of these amazing creatures.
Landscaping through out the zoo is amazing.
Near some water fountains.
These are supposed to be for little kiddos, but I have to say the water felt great on me.
Massive Rhino enjoying the shade.
His droppings  for
your enjoyment.
This large fellow lays in wait near the elephants.
I was more than happy to realize it was not real.
Near this area is also lots of hands on exhibits.
Including this one were you can feel an elephants butt.
Do I look like a real tourist in this picture or what?
The "stone" walls here also feed the animals.
Someone older than me.
Near the birds is another hands on building.
With a baby hedge hog to meet. 
On this day they were also giving free face painting.
Flowering beauty above the walk ways.
Plotting bird
Stopping to pose for the camera.
When we came back through they were also resting.
This open pen allows you to be the exhibit!
Than it was time to enjoy the park and cool off a little bit.
And devour some well earned lunch of course.
Time for a quick rest. 
Another pond in the park.
This one is full of happy turtles.
Extra kudos to these people 
that can keep all of these roses alive in the middle of the desert!
Let alone all of the green grass surrounding this massive park.
Near the parks ampathetre
Bring your walking shoes--this is a huge park.
Thank you for Exploring with us!
Many new posts and pictures are slowly coming.
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As always
**Happy Exploring!!**

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