Monday, May 4, 2015

Nogales Arizona

    So for some time now I have been thinking about taking the short trip to Nogales  and been not doing so.  Mostly because I have not heard to many good reports about this boarder town.  And I am very sure that I can not out run bullets!   About a week back I decided I really was bored, I really was now a single man-after ten years, and that I really did not have much more to loose.  So I grabbed my camera and my fake bullet proof vest and set off!  I have posted from near the boarder several times before.  And on another page of mine talk about being near the Canadian boarder many a time.  But the security and safety is much different up north for sure.   For many more pictures and much more Exploring Please check out my first blog page   at   You know you want too!

Next post or two on this very page
will be about our long hike through The 
Grand Canyon!

It is hard to miss this proud sign as you enter the fine town. 
And defiantly a good and recent claim to fame. 

Large rest area on the way down. 

A little bit of time to check out the rest area. 
The sign behind this flowering cactus warns of snakes and biting insects in the area. 

As in most adventures in this area   I was soon surrounded by amazing mountains. 

Another greater to the town
Near the library 

I found fountains all over the town. 

I soon found it easiest to park and Explore.  
And parked in a fast food joint near the old city hall. 

Just around the corner from here where many shops with 
a huge mixture of bargain items from both countries.  
None of the shops had anything I desperately needed though.
Just down from the shops was the boarder. 

Old building especially churches always catch my eye.

Construction zone like I have never seen before.  

I am not sure this place is as quick any more. 

My walk proved a quiet town full of sights   far from what I was expecting.
This was the only wall art I could find though. 

In front of the fire and police stations.

I really enjoy this motel sign topper.

In the same  motel parking lot. 
Not sure if the trolley still gives tours. 

Another motel further down the trail   
that does not look as nice by far. 
I am going to do a post soon about many of the run down motels in the greater Tucson area. 

Room with a view, cheap rent, and free air conditioning through all the 
broken windows.

My feet were beginning to ache so it was time to get back on the trail and head back North.
Several of the towns along the way looked very interesting, but they would be stops for further Exploring trips.  I did make a quick stop at the Titan Missile Museum but did not take the tour on this day. 

Found just in front of the museum. 

I also managed to make a stop at the other Desert Diamond Casino location about 25 miles out of Tucson. 
I had never been by this location before.  And as many times is the case, I just seemed to donate to more little flashing lights over the slot machines! 
Last note--the new hospital they are building out that way  is huge!


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