Monday, May 11, 2015

Small Town Saturday Night!


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         Next month we will have lived in the Benson area --and enjoyed the people and all that the area has to offer, for two full years.   I plan on doing a picture filled post on the best the town has to offer.  Tonight I talk about some fun in Benson a few months back.   For awhile work was giving me weekend days off work  and I had time to check out some of the happenings and sights I would usually be working through.   If you check this very blog page I have several great experiences while at the local Arena Bar.   The evening I discuss tonight was also a great night.    I also wish to bring back to this sight my business of the day feature.   Any place that I or my family and I have visited that has given beyond amazing service.  This is very rare in this day and age it seems----and I make sure that the local business has no clue that I am naming them great.   As in they have not asked me to feature them in any way  nor do they officially  endorse my recommendations in any way.   This type of service is so rare it seems, that I have not used this feature in months.  This will be a rare short post from me- simply because I do not have that many pictures to share.  I am sure the next post will make up for it in length.  

So on this particular and rare Saturday off work I decided it was 
beyond past time to check out the new   actual coffee shop in Benson. 
I have lived in Washington state and Oregon for so long that I have become greatly spoiled 
with an abundance of amazing coffee places.   In fact my other sight has pages where all I do is critique new coffee joints I have visited in the area.  
I like to people watch and type my blogs.   
And than I moved here.

I have found a few decent coffee places in Tucson and at least one in Bisbee.
One day at the Safeway Starbucks in Benson I asked for a drip coffee---and 
it took three employees to determine just what I was ordering. 
Please note here--drip  is Starbucks own lingo
so at first I thought the workers were joking, and than was just beyond disappointed.

So I was more than excited to finally visit the new joint in Benson!
I first heard about the place on the first of April, and my wife and I tried to drive by 
and take a look----most of there signage was not yet up, and we did not see 
a coffee place at all.   And I thought the web sight and even thought of a coffee joint here 
was some cruel April fools joke. 

Several days later I actually spotted the place and had the honor to visit. 
Interesting name---amazing coffee and service!
I did find several things lacking on my visit---but
the owners seem VERY knowledgeable and I believe they are working on everything 
that I might complain about.  Case and point---I drove by today  and saw signs ---every where leading people to the great beverages and baked goods.  

                 Having free Wi-Fi is also a huge draw for me---few places offer this in Benson  and I am defiantly not a fan of any of the other places.  

My temporary office on this fine day.
I really like the large covered picnic tables  complete with chalk board table tops.
Each table also has a bucket of chalk for notes to the next coffee drinker or your fine barista. 

The large tables also make it easy to meet other coffee drinkers.  
Benson residents---please support this business so that it will last and continue to grow. 
We as a town have so few fine places of business that we need to support this gem.

That evening we all ventured to The Arena Bar for a series of free concerts.
From some home grown bands that have been traveling this great country.

Some of the locals in the safety of the bar where the band sound was muffled a little bit. 
Needless to say they were not fans of the bands on this night.

As I roamed between bands waiting for the sun to fully set. 

We try to support anything local   especially if it is free or 
supports a good cause. 

Another feature I wish to bring back is my pictures with coffee cups in the back ground. 
Above was before a hike in Benson.
I have many such pictures   and want to add MANY more. 


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