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Great Falls Park And Beyond Bellingham Washington

  **I try to keep this page local and fresh.  Full of pictures and Exploring around Arizona.   In the past I had a similar page in Washington state focusing around the Bellingham area.  I have noticed since moving back to Arizona that a ton of residents or those passing through are from Washington ---so thought some of these posts would make them smile.  All of my water pictures make me smile.  As in my new page, all of the pictures are my own.  And many of them will be up for sale in the very near future.   To check out more of my pictures and much more Washington Exploring please check out yet another page of mine at    Next we come back much closer to home and Explore the  amazing Grand Canyon!   Thank you for supporting and sharing this very page!

     Out of all the parks and places to explore in the area, Whatcom Falls Park is one of my favorites for sure!   I have talked about the great place before.  Please check out

     This park has everything from multiple trails to water falls obviously something to do with the areas name sake.   Multiple water falls.  Above is the main fall.   And right now the water levels are way up with the warm temperatures and lots of current rain.  Two large playgrounds are in the park.  Several buses go right by the park or very near.  You can also get off near Bay View Cemetery and wander you way up.  I always find cemetery's an interesting place to roam around.  They are very peaceful if nothing else.   Turn at the above sign to be very near the main parking lot and the falls trails.  Up a little farther is another large parking lot, by the 2nd playground and some basketball courts.
      Besides the amazing views, pools of water to cool off in, and great trails---  the first time I spent any time in this park was about six years ago.  My girl friend at the time, now she happens to be my wife, was packing up everything she owned into her Buick.   We had meet months before that and now her and her three kids were moving across the country.  So the park has some special meaning to me also.   

                                My exploring partner for the day----Our oldest

    Saturday was a very nice and sun filled day.  I believe it was near 70 outside that day.  So we set out off the bus, down the narrow roadway to the main parking lot.  

     A decent sized fish hatchery is just above the parking lot.   Right now most of the ponds are full of larger fish.   The tank of Rainbow Trout was a sight. 


Leading over the old bridge from up above.
This bridge makes for some great pictures.  Most of these are from the trails just above the bridge before crossing it. 

    This is right above the falls and makes it almost look like the water is dropping off to no-wheres-ville.
       I love this picture.  It is much more of a challenge to get down to the river once you cross the bride.  But well worth it.  

Just to the left of the bridge looks like what might be the greatest water
slide there is?

   Once you cross the bridge you can take trails to pretty much any part of town.  We followed the water up past the next two smaller falls.  

     Just past the third waterfall is a bridge that crosses a large pond.  This is usually full of ducks and is supposed to be a great fishing sight.   

    Trails lead on both sides of the pond.  If you stay to the left you soon end up in swamp land.   Relics of the old train tracks can be found all around this area.  We crossed the large bridge and than the road.  Bringing us to Donavan Park.

My hike partner was worn out.

     The full on sun led for some very bright blue water at Lake Whatcom.  

                                                                     My new buddy!

      If you really have some skill, try and cross the floating logs.   This divides the swimming area from were people can boat.    A nice sized playground and pit of sand for playing volley ball is near the lake.  Much of the area is full of sunbathers and swimmers once summer really kicks in.  This is much better an area to wade, than Falls Park which is full of overly sharp and slippery rocks.  But when the temperatures rise, expect to walk before you can cool off.   Some great trails lead around the lake.   Big Rock Park sits on the hillside near Lake Whatcom and will be the focus of a blog in the near future.   This was a very enjoyable day.  And I came away with some great pictures.   These pictures are getting me threw days like today, were it is all out rain outside.  

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                        Now it's your turn to guess were I was out exploring last!  

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