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Comicon Phoenix, Arizona 2015 Bring Out Your Inner Geek!


From outside the massive events center down town.  Lots of levels, several building, including surrounding motels, and even the street ways-this was a huge event.  Lasting all weekend.  We made it last Thursday for the first day of the event.  I must say for such a large production the crew and workers, kept everything going at an orderly pace.  And by the time we left late that evening -there where a TON of people.                                                                                                    First a little background---last week I happened to have Thursday off work, while driving to work I had learned that the Comicon was coming to Phoenix.  Although there are some great reasons to visit the city---I usually do everything possible to not go there.  We learned Tuesday about the cons starting date--so we did not have much time to plan at all.  Our daughter loves such things, but has never been-and her birthday was soon after--so I told her if she wanted to go, she could find a friend and we would go along for the ride.  I drug her mom along on the trip, because I was actually going to ditch out, and Explore around Phoenix instead.  The kiddos had time to make customes  we did not.  Some where along the line, I thought maybe this would if nothing else be a great chance to get some pictures.   I am glad I went along for sure!   Fear not--if you where not at this even  Comicon is coming to Tucson in November!  Plenty of time for you to plan ahead and even have an award winning costume.  Plus we are all going  so, maybe you can even meet us--extra bonus!  ;)

I thought this picture described the even perfectly!
Many of the costumes were beyond amazing.  And expensive looking.  

Main entrance and regestration and of course a great place for some photo opps.  

Going up!
One was supposed to ask before snapping pictures of any super heroes   most pictures this was done--and you got a great posed shot.  But in this one I have to say I did not ask everyone involved permission.  

I am never sure of how legal it is to snap any officers pictures.
But I really wanted this picture of the local police working hard.  

Head of security!

Try stomping on a flag at this event, and see what happens.

Coffee stand from above.  
Also what my blood stream is mainly made of. 

The larger I make this picture the more creepy the image becomes.  
So just picture seeing it in real life. 

The girls all costumed up. 
Not bad at all -for two days worth of planning. 

Time to do a quick trip outside to snap some pictures.

Right across the street was this super kool church.

These bicycle drivers where all over the area.  Music blasting ready to bike you across town in a hurry. A few workers were even dressed up as super heroes.  Looks like a pretty lush ride and job.  

Exploring down by campus. 

How amazing would it be to live in this old house  now museum?

Chase Field and home of the mighty Diamond Backs!
Also maybe the reason why our ATM fee's are so high!?

Now that's a snazzy custom cactus!

Climbing up the side of the Events Center.

Huge magnifying glass near the food court inside one the event centers main rooms. 

The Lego Room  with my beautiful wife.  
Check back a few posts on this very page to read about our trip to LegoLand California.

Old school for sure, and one of my hero's!   Huh huh!
Although we never found his side kick in crime and dumb -ity.

One of the Star Trek Enterprise control panels.

This same building had so much to see. 
Including a haunted house. 
But the line was to large for me.  So I can't tell you how great it was or was not. 

Another picture I might not have gotten permission to take.  But these people earned there break time.  We were at the same time relaxing our feet.  And enjoying the amazing view.  To the left of the sleepers was a windows  and an amazing view.  

Down stairs was full of vendors. 
I love this picture-and am no way saying anything about my wife or Cookie Monster
although for taking this picture supporting PBS she got some of my favorite candy  Nerds!
I do have some issues with Cookie Monster because he now does not eat cookies and favors vegtables becacuse todays kids get the wrong messages.  What is that saying about us that grew up with him and now only eat cookies after 4 meals per day??
C is for Cookie  NOT Celery

In theme live entertainment.

As it got later this turned to light saber fights and show man ship.

I found Waldo! 
Several Waldo's actually but this one was the best!
He was looking for his wife--Carmon Sandiago fromWhere in the World Is Carmon Sandiago!
I knew he was also a World Explorer  but I had no idea they were married and that Sandiago was Wadlo's last name.  
Learn something every day I guess!
And now I brief story---I call a boss at work Waldo  because they disappear fast, have the glasses, AND wore a read a white stripped top one night.  After five months of this being given the co worker ruined it all by asking whom Waldo was.   I thought everyone knew the mighty Waldo!  So when I spotted him I instantly asked for his picture to show my co worker. 

Time to venture back outside.   This is on the Events Center building  near a make shift shooting range. 
The food vendors or "roach coaches" where also in this area and it was time for some food. 
We had learned that a cup of pop was selling for $5.00  and we where in down town so I ventured off to find some more pictures and a Wallgreen type store with cheaper beverages. 

Hulk smash!!
Great window art just up the street. 

Old buildings are always high on my visit list.

Painted on the sidewalk.

Whole alley in the process of getting a new paint job.

I have pictures of Adams Street's from across the country. 

I really like this shot and picture Superman at the end of the main jet stream, NOT a plane.

You where supposed to ask permission to take any ones picture at this event. 
But I soon had the urge to ask normal folk enjoying the fair if I could take there pictures. 
Especially after I started to wonder what I would say if someone walked up to me, in my beyond plain clothes and asked to take my picture.  I never acted on this impulse but wanted to several times over.  Maybe at the Tucson event.

As the sun was setting we still had much to see 
and had many adventures awaiting us. 
We did not start our trip home until late into the night. 

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