Sunday, November 15, 2015

Super Urban Exploring Greater Tucson Off Valencia

                  First off I would like to thank everyone for staying with this page.  And for sharing the link!  I have had a ton on my plate lately-and it is still long before Thanksgiving.  Long story short, with all of my new found free time I am trying to detour my negative mind set with new posts and long picture taking hikes.   Trying is the key word.   At any rate--I hope to post here much more, and I hope you enjoy each picture filled post.
      When we lived in beautiful Washington state I used to find an amazing looking parking lot on the outskirts of town and than just disappear into the woods or such surroundings.  Many times it lead to some great Exploring.  Please check out more of these, and some amazing pictures, at least in my eyes from all around Washington all from another blog sight of mine, that has takin' a back seat  since we have moved from the area.

                Also for some more Exploring and defiantly much random rambling--my first blog page is full of everything including more pictures, jokes, and lots of coffee love.  At     

   And now onto today's post.   I was up near the casino I seem to work at.  Way up Valencia Street.  I have posted several times from this area--of course slipping in some pictures of the amazing resort I am lucky enough to work at.  

I started by parking at the old Chevron now turned Shell gas station.
Than jumped out and ran around snapping pictures in the desert for awhile.
Nailed it!??
I was discouraged to soon run into private property and ventured on.
As like most of Tucson  art can be found every where. 
That is what most of this post Explores.
Running beside the casino and the golf course this great wall is covered.
Between the larger tile art.
A better blog page would research the meaning behind each of these. 
This is not a better blog page.
But I really hope you enjoy the pictures
and enjoy not having to walk this stretch to see them.
Time to return to my car and journey on.
More tile art---this one of the Mission!
I have a whole blog post about this amazing sight.
I had hoped to get more Exploring done here
but this is all private land. 
Of course I managed to get a few pictures with out
jumping any fences.   This time.
Dead creature
Next post we venture further down the same long road.
To see some art near the Tucson Airport. 

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