Sunday, November 15, 2015

Tucson Airport, Memorials, Vets, And More Art Exploring


                As always this page thanks you for stopping by!  Please share this link with anyone and everyone you feel might enjoy it.  After a long pause to take care of many issues--I am working on many posts.  Many of you might see this as a waste of time.  But I find everything involved from the picture taking, to the Exploring, to the actual blog writing---very stress relieving.   Not enough so, judging on how grey my hair has turned in the last year or so, but still helps.  ;)    I hope you enjoy this post and any others you may stumble across. 

Busy in the sun --snapping pictures.
First off to share about some Exploring near the Airport.
I stopped at the Am/PM just off of Valencia.
Cheap gas, cherry Pepsi on tap, and crushed ice!  Keeps me coming back.
The service keeps me wondering why I come back.
But that's for a different story.
From there I hiked down the middle lane towards the airport.
Natural cactus ashtray
Please don't mind my foot in the shot.
Full on sunshine on this day.
No surprise there.
Go Cats!
I really love this one.
I grew up in Wyoming and bucking horses and cowboys are on everything.
Including the licence plates.
So with the mighty cactus in the background I find this a fitting welcome
to landscapes and climates of great extremes in my life.
Last weekend right before Memorial Day the
traveling vet wall came to Casino Del Sol were I work.
And I got a chance to check it out on Sunday afternoon before it left.
As I said in my last post, I mention my amazing work place a lot in posts.
And always favorably   not that that is a hard task.
Because the place rocks, and in hopes that they do not bring any action towards me  for
using there images on my blog page.
This was set up near the pool and a great chance to see some green  green grass.
Although the pool was empty, it was hot, and I had a great urge to just jump in.
Just inside before visiting
A great way to send well deserved tribute.
Some numbers to try and put things in perspective.
One small section.
I have been to the real stationary wall in DC  but this is the first time I have caught up with the travailing wall. 
The travailing wall is nothing like the one in Washington DC as far as size goes.
But still very impressive at 300 feet long.   With all of the names.
Again thank you!!!
To all of those that have served, are serving, and will serve this amazing country!

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