Monday, June 20, 2016

Tucson Exploring Near Mission Park

            I have many pictures and such in the works for this very page.  I just have not had the chance to post much in the last few months.  With a vehicle soon in my future again, I will also be expanding my Exploring a great deal starting with a long and much needed road trip.  One of those great ones, with no planning or real thought into the destination. Full of pictures of course.  This very page has lots of old posts to catch up on.  Please share any you enjoy to help get the word out if you like this page.   For even more Exploring, outside of beautiful Arizona please also check out my first blog page.   At  

        My Exploring will be cut very short during the first week or so of July.  The casino I work at seems to already be a place I am more than home.  But that week is also the anniversary week of there opening and of course the 4th.  So tons more events for all.  I hope you all get to enjoy all they have to offer.  

               About a week ago I found myself staying up all night.  Studying for my classes and cleaning and typing and such.  I have found when it is really hot it is easier to sleep during the day and be productive at night.  About  4 30 AM I needed out of my small space and ended up near 12th Avenue.  I parked my borrowed car out of the way and took off on foot.  This will be a short posting, because even at this early hour it soon became hot out.  And soon after finding coffee, I realized I was very tired.  I think I managed to snap some great pictures before retiring to bed though.   

Small park across and down from 12th Avenue. 
Got in a few pictures while the sun was coming up
And just before several large, un leashed dogs came around for there early walk.

Art can be found in all corners of Tucson.
I very soon want to visit all the huge new murals in the down town area.
I believe there are eight and I will soon have pictures of them all.

Dora is always excited about Exploring!

A painted cactus in case you do not see enough of the real thing. 

One can just make out A Mountain in this work of art.  
A sight that makes it's way in many of my pictures. 
The mountain that is.

Heading back towards Mission Park in residential areas.
I really enjoy this particular shot. 

Small church just beside the main road.  
Just before sun rise.

I am not sure why this picture turned out so blurry.
It is some amazing art. 
Sadly in this picture the white dove to the left is hard to make out  
as is the giant hand to the right 
I also have to wonder a little bit why so much security and bars and such 
is needed at a church, guess it's just a sign of the times.

Full bloom in the heart of Mission Park

I really like the tree in the back ground. 

This is a large park. 
With lots of grass   always a welcome sight in the desert. 
Multiple play grounds and many full sized baseball fields.  
It looks like a nice pool used to line the back of the park, but the water looks far from swim able now. 
I believe I also spotted a large boys and girls club near the back of the park. 
I guess a park would make a perfect back yard.

With all the fires in the area the sun had a more red tint than normal.
I am always amazed at sun rises and sets in Arizona. 
Mostly sun sets because I am not usually up early enough to see the sun rise.  
The colors are always so different and shatteringly beautiful.
I got these shots from the top of a large set of bleachers in the middle of the park. 

Last shot from the park before I went to find coffee and than shortly after rest. 

Until we meet again  as always



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