Monday, December 23, 2013

Explore With Us One Fine Thursday

   Arizona sunsets always amaze me.  The colors are so rich and it seems that every time I have ran to get the camera, the colors were different.   Throw in a nearby forest fire, and the sights can be beyond amazing.  Many of my posts have sunset pictures in them and I hope you enjoy as much as I enjoy taking the pictures.   I can not wait until the sunsets happen latter in the day again!

   At some point this will become more of an Exploring Arizona blog.  With posts, Exploring, and of course pictures from across the state.   Being a family of five with several pets, and usually another relative or two staying with us, our budget keeps us close to home at the moment.  If you would like to help our monthly budget not be $0 each month--and help your business budget out at the same time---I offer some amazingly cheap advertising.   Each time I jump in our truck and just drive--I am amazed at the sights I can still find so close to home.   Benson, the desert, and Arizona as a whole, truly is a magical place!!

Benson, Arizona

      A few more sunset pictures from the same evening as above. 

       Before we go any further I would like to introduce today's business of the blog post!  I have noticed how easily my first blog page and Facebook statuses lean toward venting and negatives, so have been trying to pick a local business that goes above and beyond to shine for myself or my family.  These businesses do not pay me to pick them, and probably do not even know about my praise.   Several can be found in my older posts for this very page.   Today I pick the local Motel 6.  When my family and I first moved to the area -we were all crammed in a small travel trailer, and it was the middle of June.  Every few weeks, we took a mini vacation from the heat and reality and stayed at the Motel 6 and cranked the A/C to auto freeze.  Every time they gave us an amazing deal, and beyond great service.   They sent us contacts after to make sure we fully enjoyed our stays and discounts for future visits.  And there pool was actually open!   We have stayed in many a Motel 6---and they always say there pool is closed for cleaning or re painting.  The rooms were also all super clean.   And every worker we meet was helpful and polite.   Three thumbs up --Benson, Arizona Motel 6!

          OK  on to some Exploring!   Last Thursday Butch and I needed some time to roam around a new part of the desert.  New to us that is. 

Butch being a good boy!
He is also trying to process why I am so darn slow. 

After some thought we ended up parking very near the High Street Cemetery.
I have always found cemetery's very calming and amazingly peaceful.
And on this day I definitely  needed to clean my head. 
Christmas was very close and I was becoming overly Scrooge-like.

      We quickly ventured to the left of the burial plots -after a long pause in the cemetery.   Soon heading up hill.  I have often found that the best Exploring is usually up hill.

We soon were above these very tall drop offs -another of the many run offs for all of the monsoon water.

I always find the huge variety of desert vegetation impressive.

     Were ever we venture from Tucson to Sierra Vista mountains surround us.  I noticed just the other day that the highest peaks showed slight signs of winter snow.  But not in these pictures, it was near 70 outside on this day. 

Just beyond the huge Baptist Church on the hill. 

                                                                                 My Christmas wish
is that everyone reading this page will share this post.

The large cross is now covered in Christmas lights.
On Friday I needed an adventure on my own.
Any guesses were I went Exploring....   ??

Post your guesses in the comment section  or on MY Facebook page at:


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Exploring with Wyoming Jack/Bobble Head


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