Thursday, December 12, 2013

Some Saint David Exploring & Beyond

               Last week between work and the wind storms, I found some time to do some local Exploring.  I have a whole list of places that I wish to check out, but with Christmas just around the corner I have not had as much time to sneak off and roam or take pictures.   I have been just up the road to St David a few times in the last few weeks.  It is a quick trip from Benson, about eight miles.  Another small town, with lots of great residents and picture opportunities.  It is also on the way to Tombstone -so a busy stretch of road about any time you decide to travel it.   Like most small towns, the back roads offer some great views.   Religion is a main fundamental in this area.   Like Benson, several RV parks can be found--the main difference is the ones in St David are more spread out and customized with little ponds and such.   There is also a small public park with lots of trails to Explore.  I have not had time to visit there yet.    So a 2nd post from this town should appear soon with more adventures and info on the great town.   As always I hope you  enjoy this great new blog page---and please share the link, to help get the word out! 

      With all of my trips back and forth I have never made time to stop at the  Gallery of Dreams.   Until last week that is.  Several hundred local artist of all kinds show case there work here.  And I am very glad I stopped.   Just into town, on the right side of the road--look for the brightly painted buildings. 

       Just past the buildings is a large dirt parking area.   Walking up to the main entrance this was my welcoming crew!  The dog looked so friendly, but I didn't dare stick my hand over to pet him.   Instead I got the above picture. 

                                                        More art work lines the outside of the building. 

  Inside every type of art can be found.   From jewelry to bronze western sculptures.   The workers are very friendly and ready to assist and show you everything the shop has to offer.  Some of the pieces are also working/touchable pieces of art.   The above jolly fellow is just asking to have his belly rubbed, at least in my eyes.  And is located right beside the restroom.   The gallery uses all of it's space very well.

  Off the back of the building is a large work space.  The artist at the moment is working on some very large sculptures.  The one pictured above does not look like it, but is about 7 feet tall.   I did not catch his name, but he is the same artist who did the sculpture of Wyatt Earp that is in Tombstone.   You can meet and ask the artist any questions you wish.  Or just watch him work for awhile. 

A little further down the road I found this great tree.

            And than it was time to Explore some back roads.   Always an enjoyable experience.
I like any old building but find older barns are the most interesting.   Although they do not allow much adventure if one were to sneak inside them.  Not that I am advising any reader to do such a thing.  

One of the many abandoned places I passed that day. 

I believe some one is living here
but thought the building was beyond neat.
The clouds in the background add a great effect also.

I am often amazed at how much variety there is in this area in plant life.
And I try to picture a different type of cactus or plant in each blog post.

So many trails
So little time.  ;)

The next day work took me out past Pommerane.

Just past the water towers
you are greeted by this huge arrow.

I really wanted to Explore Gammons Gulch
but they were filming a movie on this day.

                      Old west town in the middle of no-weresville Arizona.    I will have a full post from here soon!

   On this day I ventured across the road down some trails and river basins instead.  I would love to Explore the Gulch area --and bring along a metal detector.  But I am not sure how well the owners would take this, and I do not yet own a metal detector. 

Further up the main road is also a huge bird sanctuary.  Again I have not made it there yet.

                                                                                  Down the dusty trail.
                                                                             Like many areas -you are soon surrounded by
                                                                  large peaks.   It is also an area that can not be traveled during the
                                                                                                     monsoon season.

There is also a ten acre donkey rescue in this area. 
Years ago when we used to live near Kingman, Arizona
It was not rare to be Exploring along route 66 and see lots of wild donkeys. 

Us at work!


  1. Have you gone out to happy valley? It is great around monsoon season has awater fall and awesome hike to get to . Also think it gets a bit of snow this time of year.

  2. Sounds like another place for my list of places to visit! With the kiddos off from school for 2 weeks, I plan on lots of small trips. I lived in Flagstaff long ago, and hope to eventually expand the trips there and across the state. Funding is not there at the moment -for sure. I miss some snow, but grew up in Wyoming so have seen plenty-lol Thanks for being a reader!