Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Light Parade -Benson At It's Brightest.

Remember the reason for the season!!

      Last Saturday we joined the masses and went to the light parade.   We had our family of five, my brother-in-law, and several other kiddos along to enjoy the sights!  All day local vendors showed there wares, contests were run, and Santa enough kids to make even a pros knee sore.   This page will soon be about Exploring and adventures all across this amazing state.  But now mainly focuses on our new home town -beautiful Benson, Arizona.  Every time I think I have seen all of the local sights, I venture out in our pickup and find a new place to Explore!   Several such trips from this week will be featured in this very blog series, very soon!   Today's post is all about the parade.  This was our third parade since we moved to the area.  And possibly the most exciting.  Because if nothing else, this marks just how close the big day really is. 

   The kiddie carnival right off of Fourth Street light up the whole area.   The attractions were all for the youngsters, but I have to say a few of the events looked entertaining. 

  Santa was soon pulled into the scene with a very well lit coach.  This was the towns 2nd such parade.  And although we sadly missed the first one--I have to say everyone involved did an amazing job!  Although we are still pondering what they plugged all of those lights into on the horses.   ;)

     Not something usually associated with a light parade, or maybe even Christmas- but this garbage truck sure did shine and look Purdy. 

Ducks all in a row!

While waiting for the parade to start, our corner kept everyone around us awake by belting out
Christmas songs.

      My wife snuck this picture of our oldest---he was enjoying the show, but really did not favor getting his picture takin.'   Not an option with such camera ready parents!

Our daughter *facing away* and youngest, I think a light caught his eye. 
Or maybe it was Santa. 

Here he is again in front of the DUI patrol van.
I try to capture this vehicle in every parade blog post I do. 

There were nearly 30 entries this year
so it was defiantly not a quick evening.

I have to say that personally the fire trucks stole the show. 
After Santa of course, and maybe those folks handing out candy!
Beyond all the Christmas lights  fire trucks have lots of built in super bright lights.


This was a very magically night for all involved!

I hope that you and yours have the most amazing Christmas imaginable!

This is a VERY new page--and as our bank account grows--so will the adventures.
I hope that you all enjoy what you see here
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The next two Exploring posts are again very local. 

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