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A Little Further Down The Trail--Rainy California Part II

               Hello readers!   This blog page is usually all about Exploring amazing Arizona through pictures and travels.  But a few weeks ago I was lucky enough to visit a good friend in California and of course have some pictures and thoughts on it all.   For more Exploring and amazing pictures of mine Please also check out MY second blog series  all about the amazing views Washington state has to offer at:
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   And feel free to share anything you find on any of these sights!  Especially this one. 

So many trails  So little time!
    So in my local Exploring--I am always on the lookout for adventure and neat sights.  But of late I have been mostly trying to find water.  At the start of this trip the weather was just like ours in Arizona.  Hot, dry, windy, hot, and VERY hot!   But once we had drove past huge LA the rains started to kick in.  Something this part of the globe does not see much off.  Temperatures and sights--mostly green things all around, reminded me a lot of Exploring in the Great North West.  The rain followed me all the way home.  In fact as we were driving through LA on the return trip--it was an all out down pour!  Drivers did not know what to do-and the dry land did not know what to do with all of the sudden moisture.  Most of the train ride home--I was greeted with cloudy skies-and the first night home in Benson, Arizona--we were greeted by a huge down pour. 
        I strongly believe that anyone can and should have there own opinions--no matter how wrong they may be.  On this page at least, I try not to push any of my beliefs on anyone.  I just want to share the pictures I get.  That said, I do not see how anyone can take a cross country trip-and not believe in God.  The scenery is so varied and at a massive scale.  In between the sprawling messes of mass population hubs of course.  That said-   we were both getting very tired of sitting and the scenery long before our eight hour -one way drive-was over.  The destination on this day was usually sunny Oroville, California.  My buddy and I neither sit well-so of course there were lots of stops along the way.  First was the above orchard.  Near a rest area was a massive nut farm.   And we got the great idea to run through the field to stretch our legs.  I can say that I used to run-but that was many years ago, and although the cardo felt great at first, I swear the field of trees kept getting longer the more we ran. 
   This is about mid field  when my weenie butt needed to pause to catch my breath.  No that is not snow on the ground--it is all petals.  They dropped as we ran--and it was amazingly peaceful.  Except maybe for our loud, labored attempts at breathing.  Finally at the end, we found a large and deep drainage water ditch.  On the way back through the field -a helicopter started to circle above.  I can talk my way out of a lot of problems, that I get myself into--but I really could think of no reason to have jumped the fences to be found in the middle of this field.  I could probably prove I was American if needed though-as long as there was no hard test involved.  We were also hoping the circling did not mean it was time to spray the crops.  Either the helicopter did not spot us, or they saw our pasty white skin and decided we were not illegals trying to escape our lives as nut pickers-because it soon flew away.  
Harris Ranch was another stop along the dusty trail.
These cattle ranchers have a huge tourist trap to check out.  Complete with hotel, food, and everything else in between. 
This chair and the all cow hide couches in the halls were actually much more comfortable than they first appeared.
Another tourist spot we stopped at.
Professor Getty was sure this windmill was run by the Amish from Holland- but I think
his tour guide stats were a little off? 
Near Harris Ranch while we were finding lunch and $5.00 gas,
I had to get this shot of a double Bimbo.
Bimbo Bread--always entertaining. 
At some point we rolled into Oroville!
A very peaceful town with lots to view.
Although like many little towns across America-- you can see the huge negative impact drugs have on the residents.
As we pulled into the motel- a "tweaker" asked if we had any spare change or extra hamburgers.   We ran into the same person multiple times, and there was no reconisition that they had talked to us before. 
Above you can just make out the big "O" on the hill.
My buddy, and slightly miss-informed tour guide had business to do and left me to Explore at a local Motel 6.  I have many self shots like this one from Motel six's across the country.  Two quick notes on this bad picture.   This happens to be the same shirt I am wearing at the moment.  And this is a camera I tried to use while on my trip.  It was the normal Wal-Mart junk and was soon returned. 
Not sure if this means I can or can't smoke??
Coming into town---there was a huge billboard for the motel-which at first the inn keeper did not want to honor the price it stated.  But we soon got that changed. 
Also not surprisingly the pool was out of order.
We have stayed at a lot of Motel 6 locations--and although they are great motels--they all seem to be doing a remodel, and have there pools out of commission.
My new buddy---I taught him how to sit!
I had lots of free time to Explore this beautiful area.
And the extra bonus of having my buddy's truck to drive around.
I really did not want this responsibility during my mini vacation-but it was nice to not have to walk every were.  Especially when the rains hit.
Everything was so green!
The old post office down town.
This coffee shop was sadly closed--but I really liked the sign!
Further down this coffee shop was actually open.
It was an extra kool joint and worth the stop.

    Another old building.   Just off of downtown--a nice sized river flowed, to enjoy. 
Water was definatly  easy to find in this area. 
Just down from the motel was this large park.
The clouds could not decide what they wanted to do on this day.
Some sights along the walk back to the motel.
I believe my buddy said the Amish used this to make bread...

After a quick lunch it was time to find Lake Oroville and the huge dam.
If you follow a long winding road you soon end up here.
A large park service building helps you Explore the area. 
Complete with a look out tour --to see all the sights.
Small section of the dam dam.
I took this trail from the visitors center all the way down to the dam.
Shot from about the middle of the massive dam.
I got lost for a little while after leaving the dam and followed another winding road back into town.   Along the way I found another casino to loose my cash at later that evening. 
Back in town was some fish ladders and a large fish hatchery.
Along with more water--of course.
All this water is owned by the Amish--I believe....
This was a viewing window into one of the fish ladders.
But the windows were so dirty -and the water for that matter--the only fish I saw was reflected back at me--from a sign telling me what kind of fish I would see. 
This was  a great and well needed trip. 
Next Exploring post we return to amazing Arizona.
Any guesses were I talk about next.....?
**As always

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