Monday, April 7, 2014

The San Pedro House --Revisited

          Several months ago, way back in the fall I visited The San Pedro House in near by Sierra Vista.  The leaves were all changing and our newly adopted dog was very busy chasing the leaves as they blew in the wind.   Sadly I can not show you any of these pictures.  You will just have to form your own mental pictures of all of this beauty.  Because on that day I had a major brain fart, and left our camera on the back of our pickup, as I was loading up.  On Saturday our daughter and I had some  free time, and went back to the place.   This time we also have pictures! 

After some shopping and such chores we first attempted to check out the swap meet.
But with clouds rolling in and it being late in the afternoon, we found it very dead.
The remaining sellers were very friendly but advised us to return much closer to 8 in the morning for the real deals and flair of the swap meet.


         Just out of the parking lot--there is a ton to see.   The amazing sized cotton woods around the house are beyond huge and green.  A sight not seen to much in this desert landscape.  All along the further down river is also a trail of actual green trees.  The trail we took this day was amazing, because it was a mixture of desert brown and actual green.  Also we were never to far from water.   Another rare sight around here.   For this one needs to keep to the left on the trails leading away from the house.   Last time I went to the right past the old water tower and was soon greeted by all out desert land scape. 

    Just to the right of the large parking lot is the care takers trailer.   And this egg tree!   A nice reminder that Easter really is just around the corner. 

Many small paths are in this area along with covered pick nick areas and restrooms. 
The sure size of these trees can not fully be with held without standing beneath them. 
But they  still make for some great pictures.
Venture just past the care takers area and you pass this great relic. 
The house is now a museum and gift store ready to Explore.
Birds are very welcome in this area.
A large chart hangs outside the house with all of the birds you might see on any roam around the property.   Binoculars are also loaned out to the adventurous  as well as walking sticks. 
We spotted this very red bird.
He is very hard to make out in this picture but he is also several football fields away from us.
If you stay to the left  you are soon greeted with calming water.
Our daughter got this shot right before I lost all of my footing and slid into the water.
No I was not digging for grubs.
The water  was rather chilly, but it also felt good on this warm day.
We also found tons and tons of caterpillars.
Way to many to ever count.
The most un lucky were fond floating down the stream.
As in most of our hikes  we were surrounded by amazing mountains.
The clouds allowed for some break from the heat on this day.
This stick makes a great pointer.
Our view on the way back to the parking lot. 
The weeds are as tall as us all the way back. 
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