Sunday, April 6, 2014

Last Week Around Benson, Arizona

        Hello!!  I have been super busy lately and have been neglecting all of my blog sights and worse yet, have been neglecting our Exploring!   Over the last few days I have been getting lots of great Exploring in and have also managed to snap some neat pictures.  It is hard to believe, but as of this June--we will have been in the Benson area for a full year.  I am always amazed at how many new sights I can still find--very near to our house.  And this June I hope to showcase some of my best shots and finds from the Benson area!   Since we finally bought a fuel saving car last month, I also plan on taking trips much further down the road---and sharing my pictures and thoughts on each--in this very blog!  Please share this page!

I started off the roaming by heading out of Benson -towards Tucson.  Jumping off at the last exit for Benson.  In fact you can just see the MC Donald's sign in the background.  Also the old barn---I have shot pictures of in the past. 
Once off the exit -I turned right. 
And quickly realized there was not a ton to Explore-with much security all around. 
I did manage to get some pictures before leaving the area of course.
It is rare to get any color in pictures  beyond desert brown. 
I am not sure our kiddos even know what these are.
Not to mention a real dirt road. 
     This shot just makes me want to Explore more!   Maybe down a long twisty dirt road. 

Several turns later I ended up in the middle of a huge church parking lot.   And took off back through Benson---heading towards Tombstone.   A great town I have many past picture filled posts about.  I took a left on Country Club Lane on this day. 

Parking just past the old family golf center.
This is a huge area--and with the gates open I had to fight back just wandering inside for a closer look.  I love to Explore old buildings and any area-especially if they are surrounded by a fence.  But it was not in the cards for this day.
Maybe it is just me, but I found the yellow sign amusing.
It says "Caution children at play!"
And this whole are is surrounded by rail road tracks and things to do with multiple trains.
D is for Duuuuh!!
The view just beyond the golf center.
One can only imagine what the view is like from in the golf center.
Benson is so much a train town-I also really enjoy this shot. 
About here there were to many people working--so I ventured to the right-into the desert.
This huge doomed metal building almost looks like I am sneaking up on a portion of Area 51.
But is actually a storage building.
On the top of one of the rolling hills I found a fenced in area to Explore. 
You can just make it out three pictures above.
It appeared to be a burial sight  but I could find no marking of any kind.
So many trails  So little time!!
Later that same afternoon I ventured to the other side of the highway to collect old scrap metal.
I have complained many times about the amount of garbage just dumped in the desert--but picking this up is very easy-and kind of like free money for me---so please feel free to dump scrap metal. 
It is hard to say how long this can has been in this bush. 
Out of respect and pure interest in this, I left the can right were it was.
Pure garbage can be found every were!
Annoying but yet oddly pretty at the same time.
Butch relaxing after our roaming.
And happy after a stuffed "kill."
He loves to take all of the stuffing out of stuffed toys, today's victim just happened to be
Clifford the big red dog.
Next post we revisit the San Pedro House in Sierra Vista!

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