Thursday, January 8, 2015

A Mountain Tucson

     I am always on the look out for new places to Explore across this amazing state.  Tucson has an amazing and hugely varied amount of areas to check out.  Because of our limited budget-- many of our trips so far focus around our new home town in Benson, Arizona.  I have an ever growing list of places to check out across the state.   If you enjoy this page---please share it!   I am working on tons of new posts, pictures, and features for this very sight.  Also to share direct feedback with me  from hate mail, ideas of where we should hike next, or to see my most current pictures  please check out my very often updated Facebook page at:

     I find it very calming to Explore and to take pictures.  I have a ton of pictures just from the Tucson area, and have posted about Tucson several times.  With quite a few more picture filled posts in the works.  All of that said, I will keep this one short.  After moving to the area, and driving past this mountain many many times, I wanted to venture to the top and Explore.  This should have been a way easier task than it turned out for me.  It took my five attempts to actually make it to the top of A Mountain!  Mostly because I never actually looked up how to get to the tip top of the mountain before I set out on any occasion.  Each time it seemed I turned to early or to late.  Despite the large road sign marking the turn I finally found one day while Exploring with my buddy.   Before that him and I tried to hike up the mountain, only to find we where not even on the right trail --after fully exhausted from climbing straight up for miles.  On yet another attempt my beautiful wife and I tried to eat carry out dinner by the big A as we watched the sun set.  Somehow after circling the mountain several times, we still, maddening to me, never made it to the top of the mountain.  We at some point just after dark, ended up in a very "shady" city park.  I did not catch the name of the park.  But the smell of our food made me decide we would take the risk and eat in the park.   All the while my wife kept reminding me ---not to stare at any of the teens in the park   to keep from getting mugged and or shot.   

   On attempt number five, I believe it was---my friend and I found our way to the top!

Close up view!

And although the view of the city was amazing, and there are many good hikes around.  
I really was not all that impressed. 
I guess in all my searching to climb this sight  I envisioned something truly -mind blowingly amazing.

This shot was actually pictured from just past the Circle K
on Congress Street just before I-10.

I did not notice until I blew up the picture that cars and people where easily visible from the distance. 

New statue just below the mountain.

Just past this many saints can be found.
Like this one from another sight in Tucson off Mission Street. 

Santa Cruz Park  also just below the mountain.
With lots of trails and sights to Explore. 

Neat shack in the park.
Check out that moon already high in the sky.

Just before sunset on the big city.

Keep checking out this sight for many more pictures across greater Tucson
and across this amazing state!!

Next Exploring post   as promised for awhile now
takes us further down the road  
to Lego Land California!


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