Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Higher Tucson Exploring

               A hearty hello to everyone that visits this page!   I am working on tons of new posts, pictures, and features for this page.  For much more Exploring please check out my first blog page at www.wyomingjack.blogspot.com     I fully intend to start to attempt to sell some of my better pictures as frameable greeting cards.  I was hoping that things would slow down a little bit at the beginning of this new year.  But in our life things might actually be going at an even faster speed some how.  When I get the photo page up I will share it for sure!  

        On this day the temperatures were perfect.  Especially for mid January.  In fact I was just bragging to my family back home in Wyoming about Exploring on this day, in my shorts!  And NO I was not just wearing shorts and nothing else, thanks for asking.  I found myself in the hills near where I work-- Casino Del Sol.  The above shot is actually from up on one of the mountain tops greatly zoomed in.  If you take I-19 South and exit onto Valencia than head to the right, opposite the airport you will eventually pass this area.   I actually started roaming very close to the casino.  At the stop light that takes you to The Casino Of The Sun, I took a right.   I do not know road names or the names of the great hills I was Exploring in on this day, sorry.  I noticed a sign that said "to speaks trail."   And thought I would find a neat trail through the desert that wander around the mountains also.   All I found was lot of houses.  I am now pretty sure that Speaks Trail, was the name of one or two of the property owners, not a neat trail to check out.   In any case I back tracked back down Valencia to the QT gas station.  And took a left at the stop light.  Just before the road dead ended I parked across from the fenced in power station.  Grabbed my water bottle and took up a dirt trail to roam. 

Looking back towards Valencia.
It always seems that the best trails lead straight up.
Sometimes straight up in both directions  coming and going.

On this day the clouds could not decide what they are doing. 
The sky went from all on sunshine to cloudy and back again multiple times. 
I do believe I saw a little bit of rain before the day was done.

Sweating out some sweat felt good. 
Although all of the climbing quickly reminded me how I am not in the best of shape anymore. 

                                                        Some of the surrounding hills.

I soon was not sure if I was on an actual trial or a water run off.

Near the top!

I found this flower or weed thriving way up in the face of this mountain side. 
Proof that with a will one can survive any where. 

This rock ridge makes for a great break in the city scape down below. 

Watch that first step!

From the top  again looking towards Valencia.

Greatly zoomed in view of downtown Tucson.
I enjoyed the view for quiet awhile. 
Mainly while I was catching my breath again. 
Fair warning, there is a large school below the hills---so roaming on that side of the mountain 
with a camera might seem creepy.  

When I returned to my car it was still early in the day and I realized that I have never ventured 
down Valencia past the casino. 
I needed some more quiet road time  so kept driving. 
I took the above picture while driving. 
Something I do not recommend attempting at all.

I soon came to Ryan's Airfield.
Where I had to snap this shot  that just screams Arizona.

At some point I ended up by Tucson Mountain 
and was in the park.
Another place I have never been before. 

So many trails  So little time!!

My butt was tired of sitting in the car, but my legs kind of enjoyed the sitting action.
My butt won out, and I took off down an actual trail.
Above a deserted walking stick lies in wait for the next smaller hiker. 

Please  write that down!

This trail soon decided it wanted to venture uphill so I headed back to the car.

A short distance down a very curvy road I came to Old Tucson.

To me it looked an awful lot like Tombstone, but much more expensive.
I did wander through the gift shop though.

I realize that this town is all about reenactments and such  but 
it still kind of bugged me to see this sign outside of Old Tucson.
I mean isn't the gun what won the old west??

Tomorrow I am off to find another trail and some more pictures of course!

As Always


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