Monday, January 5, 2015

Cochise Stronghold A Sunsites, Arizona Treasure

         One extra nice day last November I grabbed my camera and decided to do some Exploring in Sunsites.  Small town---big sights for sure!   I have a long list of places to visit -and re-visit across this amazing state.  And on other sights that I post my pictures, many people suggested I check out the Cochise Stronghold.  Before venturing out the long dirt road I had some time to roam around Sunsites and get some pictures.  

Mural still in the works.

Alas another great coffee sign that no longer leads to coffee.

This odd mixture of goodies on this antique stores porch lured me to shop inside. 

A space ship!?  Right off the main drag through town.

I was now ready to move on from the small downtown part and jumped in our car.

Lonely marker  but to me history is always neat.

On the same road as the monument.  I bet the rent is cheap here.  And with free A/C

On the way into town these buildings have held my interest each time I have passed. 
On this day I had some time to check them out.  

Plus I am always a sucker for checking out old buildings.  Especially if no trespassing signs are up.

View just beyond these buildings.  Which happen to be for sale by the way.

Back in the car--on the way to the stronghold.
A sure sign one is in Arizona!

Abandoned church--I at first thought it was an old restaurant. 
The super sized new version is just down the street. 
Of course I had to check it out inside. 

Just passed a pile of discarded hymnals I found tons of tiny plastic Indians and cowboys fighting it out forever.

Back on the road.

After looking back through my pictures and realizing I have no pictures of
my vehicles past, I like to include them in my shots now. 
Already this vehicle is no longer running. 

Any time in the winter/fall I can send out pictures of the full on sunshine to my readers in places like Wyoming, I do!

Even more rare in Arizona, finding running water.

This tree has big ones!

Near the above trail head I passed this great old structure.

The trail, as many good ones do, soon started to go up hill.

Up in the rocks some where I tried to take a short cut back to the car and might have got a little lost for about a half hour.  During this time, I did something I never do in the desert--and went off trail.  Never do because I am deathly afraid of snakes--they cause me to break out into yelling like a little girl.   I hike by the false assumption that a snake can be seen before it bites, if you are on an open trail.  But not if you are in tall weeds, brush and such.  

The view from up top.
That was the road I was attempting to get too.
It looks much closer than it was. 

Eventually I did make it back to the vehicle. 
Snake bite free.

On the way back to Dragoon. 

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