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Big Rock Garden Bellingham, WA

              I have really been slacking on local Exploring    although I have been taking lots of pictures.   With vehicles not working, lots of working at work, and just life   I regret to say I have not been on the dusty trail for way to long.  I try to keep this page up to date and very local all around Arizona, but once again I jump to a post from my old Exploring Washington page   tonight.     Please check out all of that pages posts    at

Big Rock Garden Park

   Welcome to all of my readers!   This new page is just about Bellingham and Whatcom county and  fun and exciting things to do here.   I have a ton of ideas and new posts in the works.  I just work full time and have a full family at home, so do not always get the ideas down on paper as quickly as I would like to.  I hope you enjoy the posts so far and will pass on this pages link to your friends and family that live in the area!   Coming up are posts about:  All of the statues on WWU campus, Our trip to the new family fun center on Meridian Street, A post just of my favorite pictures around the area while exploring, sunset pictures, our family trip on an 100 year old train --a few weeks back, and an entire post with useful links to those living here or thinking about moving here.  Plus many many more posts and ideas!   Thank you for checking us out and sharing the link!       While you are waiting for new material, please check out my longer running blog series at   with 300+ posts to roam through.   

    A few weeks back our two boys and I were out and about exploring and stopped at The Big Rock Garden Park.  The only other time I have been there, was about two years ago.  When I started on some trails behind the Starbucks in Barkley Village-and a long time later ended up in the great park.  I am not sure I could do that again.   There are many great trails between the area.  I can tell you the park is above Lake Whatcom.

   A place I have posted about several times now.  I will not ruin the fun, by explaining how to get to this particular park--that is part of the fun of exploring!  Soon I hope to do an entire post just about the wonderful parks in this great town.  Ranking the better parks in my mind.  One of my favorites is very close to the above area --and Great Falls Park.  I have also posted about it several times, with some awesome pictures, if I do say so myself.  

    Several things have stalled me.  I started work almost two months ago, and it is some what strange to stand in the middle of a park, and snap pictures.  Past posts have talked about many of the parks in the area.  I just hope to ramble about them all in one great post.  I also hope to break out my thesaurus soon, and stop using the word "great" so much.  But I really do like most of the things about this town!

   We soon discovered this was not the best place to explore with kids.  They needed room to run and run and be kids.  And people in the park actually wanted to view the many sculptures and enjoy the peace the park usually has to offer. ;)  Just after this picture was takin' the kiddos were blasting through the park.  I took off in the other direction, not sure if I really wanted to take them back home with me.  The kids ran past a larger group of art critics.  I was way down the trail, but heard the adults raise there voices, and was heading to the area to stop any problems.  The adults tried to yell at our kids, saying something about how they were trying to enjoy the art and beauty of the park.  Our youngest, stopped long enough to pant out "that he was just trying to run!"  And than ran off.   I have to say that it was a great response, and the adults really had nothing to say about this.  

   Out of the parking lot, you are first greeted by the above sign.  It shows were all of the sculptures are and a little about each one.  I believe at one time there were just short of 40 sculptures.  Now many of these are just empty spaces.  The many trees and such make this a great place to find yourself and maybe find some peace while you are enjoying the art.  Many benches can also be found through the park.  

     The main gateway into the park.  The entire area is enclosed with a tall wooden fence. 

The land scaping is amazing.

And even the trees offer great pictures.

   The below very bumpy tree is extra neat to look at, and feel.

                                                The park even has fake trees to view.  

  Just past this half building, is a large deck like area, overlooking the lake and beyond.  With many benches to enjoy.   Each sculpture also has a name tag, and some history into what the art is about. 

                                                             "Freedom is not free!!"

   The sculptures are very varied.    And much time can be spent here just looking and learning.

                                                       This trio is read to play you a song!

This full sized horse is just waiting to be petted.

When you visit the park ---read the story on the next two sculptures.  I find them the most interesting of the entire lot.

                                 This would also be a great place to just sit and read.  Do people still do that? 

This turtle just wants to say "Howdy!"

At first I thought the above was also a sculpture.

I defiantly did not get pictures of every thing. 
So that you can still explore and enjoy the area.  

My next exploring blog post will be about our family's great trip on a old train.   

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