Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Further Down The Dusty Trail Sheridan Wyoming

             I always enjoy a great time and place to Explore.  And we have seen many sights across this great country.  I try to keep this page local  but have been sharing about our many amazing views while living in Washington state.   The Sheridan Wyoming rodeo is going on right now, this is my stomping grounds and were I grew up.  A few years back I spent a year there and posted a lot about the area.   For being in the middle of no where, this town has a lot to offer.  Anyways, my first Exploring page  has lots of views and pictures from Sheridan if you would like to learn more.    www.wyomingjack.blogspot.com       I plan on taking a big loop/road trip   through the area next month.  To visit my parents and sight see!   So another post or two will show up for sure.   My next local post to this sight will be the 3rd and final post about my trip to The Grand Canyon.  

    A few blogs ago we talked about Main Street and most of the joys that can be found in a few short blocks.   From the beautiful court house heading out of town down Main, it is well worth it to drive through the construction to visit Powder River Pizza.   Great atmosphere with some great pizza.   The workers greatly support the Wyoming Pokes---so wearing team hats, could easily get you mistaken as a worker.  

    At the moment the end of Main Street is here.   Just this side of the construction is the larges bank I have ever seen!   Were the Hardees used to be, way back in the day.   Right past these signs the river slowly runs under the road.   And you can just see the OK Correl one of the towns many drive through liquor stores.   I love the fact that you can't drink and drive, but can buy booze without getting out of your car!    You can also just see the sky bridge across Main.  Offering some wonderful views any time of day.   Watch "rush hour" or the teens cruising Main.   Following out puts you by the nice KOA, and soon takes you out of town to Dayton, Billings,  and beyond. 

    Today we are going to talk about some great sights to the right of Main Street.   None very far away, but worth the journey.   Of course the movie house is a block of Main.   And a great place to hide out in the dark and air conditioning.  

Very near that is the old city hall building.   And some more great sculptures to view.  
Journey past this building another block and than take a left. 

    This old motel was a favorite of Buffalo Bills.   Take a tour or have dinner.   Maybe grab a drink  at the full bar.     Across the street is the old train depot.   Now another great bar, nicely named Rails.  

    Just to the left of the depot is this great train engine.    And across the street from that is another train depot of Sheridan's past.  

That just happens to be for sale.
I always thought it would make a great bar for competition to the one across the street.

Just down the tracks are some great old rail road cars and a caboose or two.   Which are also great
fun to explore inside.   I always thought an old caboose would make an awesome office for me. 

    Back track just a little bit to 5th Street and head out of town.   You will soon see a great museum on the left.   Filled with Sheridan's rich history. 

Just up the road is the game and fish building.   A great stop when you have some time to kill.   Especially if you do not know the local area or animals well.

And the visitors center.   If you visit there about time for sunset, you get a great show.   Does anyone re-call when this place had a huge wading pool?  That was so great growing up!

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