Thursday, July 16, 2015

Part III Flagstaff And Home!

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Way back when I used to live in Flagstaff   not for very long   but
long enough to know that the town is full of great sights and great hikes!
After tackling the Grand Canyon my legs were to weak for to much of a hike  but I still got in some great sight seeing and remembering.    I try to keep my pictures and posts current so
I will not post about my past trips and times in Flagstaff.  
Although I will say at this time I worked at Wal Mart and
at first was sleeping in the back of my pickup   in the end it stated to get to cold for this and I alternated between the three local Motel Sixes.  
Finding the one closest to the rail road tracks the cheapest by far.
At that time only, about 21 dollars a night   after taxes. 
On the way out of the park I noticed this huge RV park 
fully based on The Flintstones.
I have sense read that the park is up for sale,
but in any case it looks super cool!
A pre  Historic RV
Right across the street a gas station full of metal wonders!
This gas station did not have a free restroom or available coffee   but had many great sights to see.
This high perched squatter sees all!
Across the street at another fine tourist trap.
Just up the street the next large gas station offered coffee, more sights, and a restroom.
My high school mascot was the might big horn ram   so I wished to get this picture.
Beside the gas station was some old gas pumps
and possibly even older vehilces.
Time to do it my way and hit the highway!
This town has so many amazing sights and trials.
It even has it's own ski lodge.
Just down the other way is Slide Rock and Sedona.
Also equally as amazing.
And the smells that greet someone coming from the intense heat of Exploring Sedona  to
the high hills filled with pine trees in Flagstaff  are amazing.
Sadly after the very long canyon hike  I did not have much leg strength for much Exploring in Flagstaff on this trip.
I did venture down the main drag and venture a little bit away from my car.
Down by the train depots.
Several old motels dot the landscape near the train tracks.
As in many great town paintings take over the land scape.
A great coffee shop I found time to visit!!
One of many this town has to offer
The town square has much to offer including this huge temp. scale.
Public seating, bars, shopping, and a web cam or two   to show all the sights 24/7
Watching all the sights.
Great buildings and shops line this downtown.
Part of the side of the movie house.
In front of the library  where I spent many a day
the first time I moved to Flagstaff  
using the free computers to contact my now wife.
This trip was several months ago
I took the back roads from the canyon to Flagstaff
but passed any a mountain with more snow visible than this one.
Flagstaff is up in the hills   also surrounded by hills
so it is the upper most of peaceful.
Filled with trails to hike and sights to Explore!
From the public library, to downtown to,
Twin Peaks, to the ski lodge and beyond!
I have recently learned that the kiddos have never been to Slide Rock.
So that sounds like a post for the future for this sight for sure!
For I have ruined a disposable camera or two in this park.

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