Saturday, March 5, 2016

ST David Monastery Another Fine Day Exploring Arizona!

        Hello everyone!   So I have been greatly slacking on posting on this page.  For many reasons.  But I have not been slacking on Exploring and taking new pictures!  Both huge stress reliever for me.  Tonight because a loved one is once again in the hospital, I find I can not sleep---and wish to post at least once to get the ball rolling again on this great page.  As always this page stays mostly local and is all Exploring done by myself and my kiddos.   All of the pictures are my own. I hope you enjoy---and share the links to help this page grow!  

     A few weeks ago, when my car was still running well---our youngest--who is now twelve, some how, and I ventured Trinity Monastery in St David.  I have passed the place many times---and have always thought in the back of my mind that I wanted to look around.  But have never had the time to actually stop and look around.  Plus the thoughts bouncing in the back of my head about nuns running up and throwing holy water on me because the could tell I had not been to church in awhile, and me melting/withering away like the evil witch on "The Wizard of Oz."  In all actually we went on a Sunday and did not see any nuns or anyone holding holy water.  Unfortunately because it was a Sunday the museum and thrift store were closed.  Pity -both looked pretty interesting, at least through the many windows.  On this fine day we were greeted with full on sunshine, and at least an hour to kill.  

              If you have never been---Driving towards Tombstone soon after the major curve in the road in the heart of St David watch for the above huge cross on the right side of the road.  Once you can fully see the cross, you have passed the turn by the way.   So also watch for the large gates and signs.  I must say the grounds and building are all kept up amazingly.  Allowing for lots of picture opportunities.  I also believe my son might have snapped more shots than I did on this day, but I don't currently have access to any of his pictures from the great day. 

Some fall leaves to enjoy with the cross just in the back ground could be spotted just outside the main parking lot.  
A large book store was here--but also closed because we happened to visit it all on a Sunday. 

These plants droop over to make an amazing back drop.

Inside view. 

Just beside the chapel.
Burial plots with quite the view!

Ponds and trails were also plentiful on the property. 
And of course any time I spot water in Arizona, I snap a picture of the rare sight.

Taking the lead.

Another small grave yard near by.
Also beautifully maintained. 

Super neat---at least to me large old trees  down another trail we found. 

An old well perhaps?

Main pond further down the trail.

You can just make out the large statue in the middle.

Here the many ducks follow your every move.  
Hopping you are going to drop some food!

Gated off reflection area and quiet zone. 
Complete with more water and huge KO fish.

Closer to the main buildings peacocks run wild. 

We kept attempting to get shots with there amazing feathers out for show. 

Past the main buildings we found leads to more trails.

Down by the river!

This really was a most enjoyable day. 
And I wish I had stopped sooner to check things out. 
I do believe I will stop back on a week day when all the closed buildings are open. 


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