Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Fairbank Historic Townsite

          I have many pictures, updates, and ideas for this very page.  But have not had the time to keep up with my own posts. 

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So many trails   So little time!

   On this fine day our youngest and I decided to venture just down the road to the past town of Fairbanks.  I would like to consider it a ghost town.  There are twelve such towns in the surrounding area.   This one is very near The San Pedro House just out of Sierra Vista.   From the wee town of Saint David head towards Tombstone.  At the boarder patrol station, take a right.   A short drive leads you to the historic town--found on your right.  Very well maintained trails can be found through the entire area.  I have posted about the San Pedro House several times before.  This very sunny day just happened to be on Easter.  A great day to Explore with out seeing to many people on the trails.  Surprisingly the one room school house/museum was open.  I have been to many a ghost town in my travels and was disappointed on how state park like this one was.  Most of the buildings were roped off and closed to the public.  But it was still a neat early afternoon adventure, while waiting for the big Easter feast to finish cooking. 

This map and informational sign is just out of the main parking lot. 
One can also drive down into the historic town, but what is the adventure in that?

As in most of the state parks and city parks for that matter, 
the trails are kept amazingly well maintained and clean. 

As I mentioned I was a little put out that most of the buildings were blocked off and 
closed for sight seeing.  I have many posts on this very sight of buildings across the country
that offered more access and adventure.  But this was still a neat day trip for sure.

If you look really closely   you can just make out our youngest
peeking through the back wall!

Although no human residents still reside here,at least in the day time.  
Snakes appear to love the country side. 
Luckily we saw no snakes and no ghosts on this day. 

One roomed school house turned museum. 

Surprisingly open for business on this Easter Sunday.

Time for a quick break and to study the maps we got 
at the one room museum. 

Just across from the main town sight
many more trails  and one lone building not roped off from entering. 

Sadly the train depot no longer rests on this town sight.  
From the pictures it looked like an amazing building. 

I have to say I have used a few of these---recently in fact.  
There is one --the only restroom --besides standing behind trees
at my uncles cabin deep in the woods in Wyoming.  

Time to move on.

About a half mile down the trail is the cemetery sight. 
This one rests on a hill so gives a great view of the whole country side. 

If you continue on the main loop trail
Large mill buildings still remain.
Not for us on this day. 

I was surprised to view a plot marker from 1995 in this cemetery.

Old cemeteries always fascinate me on many levels.  

If I were to return here to view the mills and such
I would go earlier in the day for sure.
We did not hit the trails until about one in the afternoon. 
It is only spring time, but also the desert--so it was already very warm by this time. 
Please also note MANY many trails are in this area.
Sierra Vista and Tombstone are just down the road.  And
no matter what way you take to go home you must pass through a boarder patrol check point to do so.  

**Happy Trails!**

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