Monday, May 2, 2016

Jeff Dunaham In Tucson

       Several months back my back my beautiful wife and I snuck off for a late anniversary night out on the town mostly involving seeing Jeff Dunaham right here in Tucson, Arizona.  We had the chance to see him while living in Washington state a few years ago, and than realized, that we were poor, and did not get tickets.  I must say here that he puts on an amazingly funny, mostly clean show, that had us laughing until our sides hurt.  I try to keep this page as up to date as possible, but as I have said this was a few months ago for sure.  For more Exploring and pictures--from all over, please check out my longest running and most random blog page at      For really current pictures and such, to complain, ad feedback, or suggest where I should Explore next    please check out my side Facebook page often at

    I still do not have my good camera fixed-so pictures in my recent blog posts come from my cell phone.  A reason I do not have to many pictures from this day.  But it was a great day.  And I strongly suggest if any of you get the chance to see him in concert --that you do.  The only negatives of the whole day---  This was down town at the events center---and I have never seen such an organized mess, as when we attempted to park.  We tried to navigate the almost not moving crowd of cars and entered four different parking lots--before learning each was full.  Apparently putting up full lot signs, before the parking lots was a new concept to these trained parking lot attendants.  Even with my wife's handicap parking sticker  we could not park even close to the building.  I dropped her near what we thought was the main door, and quickly parked right across the street in a lot with plenty of parking spots left.  We were more than glad that we had left early for this venue.  And swear to take the bus or tram next time around.  It turns out that our parking spot was on the back side of the building, and a long long way from were we should have entered.  The only event we have been to in this building was the home show.  Our seats were also much more complicated than we had thought from buying them online.  But in all fairness it is hard to see a floor plan while studying online.  And now we know the lay out very well!   


Ready to see the show!

Top of the convention center -ready to turn in our tickets.
One can just make out A Mountain between the two flags.

After parking on the wrong side,  I cut through the completely empty building 
to reach the event center and meet up with my wife. 

I was looking for a short cut and a rest room
but also found a whole display of light up creatures. 
Very cool. 

the highly polished floor put on its own light show. 

Went a little to far on my short cut and ended up just outside again.

Great crowd waiting for the show!

This is actually when they took a picture from the stage of the crowd from Tucson.
If you look real close you can make out Jeff and grumpy Walter I believe.

This was a great show for sure!
With the elections coming up---I enjoyed how each candidate was made fun of fully.
Many of his puppets also decided they should throw there hats in on the presidential race.

One of the best local jokes was when the terrorist puppet was up-
He was asked if Trump got elected, were he would relocate to not face deportation.
It was soon decided that a place with lots of action, foreigners, diversity etc was needed, he than stopped ---fully looked around at the crowd, and exclaimed "I am moving to Tucson  -Tucson Arizona to blend in...."

It seems that each show Jeff writes 10-20 new jokes 
and tries them out  many of these just for the location he is in. 
Basically testing them out that very day.
So after a year of touring he had a whole new show, and they can 
film his new show for a cable TV premire.  
Kind of neat. 

My wife and I had to ponder if the Jalapeno on a stick puppet did not
show on this trip, because he was so close to the boarder.....

The start of the show was all about his new twin baby boys. 
And how he might be to old to be having kids, again. 
Much of his jokes and talk he said to be saving till the boys hit dating age, and he had
endless black mail on them.  :)

This was an amazing show.
I do not believe I have laughed this hard in a long time. 
Even watching the shows on cable or DVD.
He is ten times better in person, at least. 

Jeff is also amazing at improvising on the spot.  
For at least thirty minutes you could tell he was making up the jokes as he went.
Mainly because he was cracking up --over his own comments.
If you have rehearsed something enough to memorize it, you
can't fake cracking yourself up.  
At one point his puppet even asked him WTF was so funny about his own comments--
since he had said them...
Jeff simply replied that --he was hearing many of these jokes
for the first time literally seconds before the audience did.  
Amazing indeed.  

So amazing that at one point Jeff actually lost his puppet Peanut off his 
hand while he was overly jumping around--the after affects of to much coffee intake. 
The puppet flew off his arm and half way across the stage.
There was no real embarrassment in the comedians face, and he did 
not miss a beat in the comedy act, so we honestly could not tell if
it was a mistake or calculated funny as heck. 

After the show  waiting for the crowd to 
thin out  so I could get our truck.

Than some dinner  free for winning sales 
at work.
For some reason free food always tastes much better!
Especially when your company is both amazing and beautiful
and you are in a casino were you have to potentail to win big!

Much more Exploring posts and pictures in the works!!


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