Monday, May 2, 2016

Marsh Station Road

     Hello again ever growing group of faithful readers!  I can see you out there --waiting for new picture filled posts--waiting to share each new link with your friends and family.  Last week I might of had a rental car and decided to adventure out and do two of the things we enjoy most---Explore and take pictures!  We had also hoped to venture to the fair, but that was not in the cards this year.   Salt and Pepper was playing on my wife's birthday, and we had wished to traumatize the kiddos with music from our past.    How about a look from last year instead, folks :      For more Exploring and personal pictures please check out my ongoing-long going blog sight at   You know you want too!   Also for more updated Exploring and random rambling -my other Facebook sight at      This page is updated almost daily   because I have maybe just a little bit to much free time.  Lastly while we are doing plugs for me---We literally have tons of great items for sale---old, new  some brand new--many amazing.  Most of my sights will soon be focusing on.  

     There was no real plan to this trip.  In fact I have visited many of these same places before.  I was just happy to have a running vehicle and needed some time Exploring by car and on foot.  I can only hope you enjoy seeing the sights as much as I enjoyed this day!   On this particular day I started out in beautiful Saint David.   

Awhile back someone buried this bug in a field right off the main road.
Pretty kool for Saint David indeed.
For months every time I pass this car---After I slug -bug 
everyone with in slugging distance--I want to take a picture.
I have several blog posts currently up just from this small town.

On the other side of the road from the bug.
Several ponds can be found very close to here.
If you have not yet noticed---I take pictures 
of water any time I find any in the desert!

Since it just happens to be spring time 
things in bloom are also easy to spot.

Benson, Arizona
Not sure why fake cactus are so popular in the desert.

Lonely back road.
On this day I got off I-10 at Marsh Station and looked for picture opportunities.

About now I was sick of driving already and ready to roam on foot. 

Quick trip down took me into a dry run off area.
You can just spot the jct. to I-10 sign above this bridge.
I am always impressed how -when out of Tucson 
you almost have to search for graffiti.

This area soon became boring and I ventured back to my vehicle.

Soon to stop near the Arizona Trail.
Again I have been here before  but ventured in the past
during a mountain bike race, and the trail was to busy for me to enjoy.
Last trip and pictures
---This one has some great pictures!

This time I Explored in the opposite direction as last  
right from the above bridge and the train bridge.

More fresh water  
Although not much.
Looking down from beside the bridge.

Rocks on a covered structure just past the bridges.
Not sure what it protects anyone from
except maybe falling rocks...

So many trails
So little time!

Notice the cactus skeleton in the middle of this picture.
Something amazing I try to capture in shots whenever I can.

Not much is better than a long stretch of rail road tracks on 
a hot spring or summer day!

I chose to zoom down I-10 on the way back.
These are very bad pictures, but there is a stretch of rail road track on the right of the highway with at least 200 train engines fastened together.
I have no clue why they are there, but it has been like this for at least four months now. 
I now know how to get closer to these, and hope to return soon with better shots. 

Than it was time for a lil bonfire with our youngest.

Just before sun set

Working on more pictures of course.
Greetings in this one from some where on The Arizona Trail!

As always

**Happy Trails!!**

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