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Butterfield Overland Stage Days & A small Coffee Rant.

            Before the short history lesson and real blog post I must vent a little here.  In my first blog series I have "mini rants."    Were I get on my soap box and complain a little bit, before someone pushes me off.   Please feel free to view and or comment on them all at :         

My Facebook status this fine morning:

      **"OMG I am deff. not in Washington anymore. In this picture I am at the first Starbucks in Seattle. Today I am in Tucson, and spent 35 minutes trying to find a coffee shop I could actually plug my lap top in at. Than I asked the barista... for a Venti drip coffee---and he didn't know what that was. Really? After it was explained that it was a regular coffee, you drip---- he whispered to his co-workers, that I might as well drink colored water. Now that it's made, it kind of tastes like toilet water, not Starbucks coffee at all. I LOVE AZ, but their is much to be said about drinkin' coffee from the comforts of home, until I can open my own coffee shop of course. I'll make bank!! "**

      If you do not know me personally or have never read the above blog series, I enjoy a great cup of Joe.   MANY a blog has been written while at a coffee shop.   And the caffeine almost allows me to keep up with our three kiddos!   Coffee comes up in lots of blogs for sure.   Maybe I just have been around Washington to long --were coffee is celebrated, but having to make five stops to find a suitable, not packed coffee shop is to much.   The first three were inside grocery stores, and had no plug ins for my computer or no Wi-Fi.   The next, was downtown, packed, and surrounded by dreaded parking meters.   The one I am in now, is beyond packed.   And having the worker have no clue what I was ordering was great but far from amusing.   Like I said a well placed coffee shop in Benson, AZ were there is NO good coffee complete with a stage and lots of after hour events, would make bank.   If anyone in reader land would like to discuss a business plan or more importantly financial backing, something I am greatly lacking.   OK   now on to the actual blog post.    The coffee is starting to soak into all my veins, so I am much calmer now.    Thank you for letting me vent.  

The great parade highlighted and kicked off Saturday mornings activities. 

We enjoyed seats right across from the announcers, in the shade even!
Above was the main DJ for the day. 

The police department started off the parade, with the theme song from "Cops" blasting through the speakers. 

Another reminder to never drive drunk. 
When you see this rig pull up to your house, the party is over. 

Arizona Justice
They did some great re-enactments after the pony express rode away. 

The hospitals great float. 
For a small town it is a VERY efficient and welcoming hospital for sure. 

A small pause for the importance of always having water with you while in Arizona!
It was very cool outside when we left for the parade, and we found a great view point in the shade, but the heat soon kicked in.   And the kids and my water bottles were soon empty. 

                                The last "float" of the day    opened the roads back up.  

      The Butterfield Overland Stage Days is now a two day event focusing on the rodeo.  The rodeo is held at the great Arena Bar and features full events including kids events.  It is mainly to celebrate the two short years that the Pony Express went through Benson and beyond from 1858-1859.   It was a short time period, except maybe for the riders, but a huge turning point in the areas history.     Now the riders ride again, delivering special mail, for purchase to Dragoon Arizona.  

A highlight of the parade and town for sure!

One could buy special mail and postage sent along on this trip at the make shift post office by the great town museum.

The riders of new, lining up.

First riders to lead off to Dragoon, receive there locked mail bags.

Sadly two medical emergency's slowed the fun. 
But both people were cared for with expert care.  

     It was all pretty neat, until the point were I realized our daughter had no clue what the pony express was.  In her defence, we have lived in Washington for years now, and that is probably not something they emphasize in there learning structures.  Although it might be arguable how little learning actually took place in those schools, or any school at this time.  The school here, just got named the number one school in the state---which is awesome, but how little do they really need to achieve to earn that ranking?   All of that is the subject of another blog for sure.   Luckily everything about the pony express was explained before the ride.  Including the swearing in for the riders, that was actually used by the original riders.   It was amazingly ruff for the riders and even more amazing, to me was that some official riders were reported to be as young as 12.   Some females even were part of the rough and tough crew of old.  And this whole event was started by a group of gals who took everything by the reins several years back, allowing for a great celebration.  

      Arizona Justice than did several great performances for all to enjoy.   About the rough and tumble old west and it's own form of street justice.  Of course the museum area was full of vendors and the museum was open and full of question answers.   I have talked about the museum before, and it is a great way to spend a few hours on any  given afternoon. 



That evening was enhanced by a very good fireworks show staged at the Lions Club city park.
About 40 minutes worth of light show.  Perhaps enhanced by the lack of any fireworks on the 4th of July.  

Sunday brought day two of the rodeo.

Any guesses were or what we Explore next? 
The answer can be found in my very next post. 
Here are a couple of picture hints

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