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Benson High Homecoming Night 2013

                                                                   GO BOBCATS!!

      In starting this new blog page I have noticed how much I procrastinate.  I wish to keep all of my posts as up to date as possible, but life in general just keeps getting in the way.  I have MANY picture filled blog posts in the works for this local sight.  And we are on a holding pattern waiting to visit a few National Parks out of Tucson, until the government shut down ends.    For tons of Exploring and my own personal pictures, please check out my first blog sight --while you wait for me to update this great page!   You can find the sight at:

         A few weekends back the three kiddos and myself donned our red and blue, found our cheering voices, and headed to the big home coming football game.  Like any small-ish town, the Bobcats take there football very seriously and the grandstands were full.   They were also alive with Bobcat fever and spirit!   1000+ fans lined the house waiting for a win and maybe some blood. 

Just a small section of the packed bleachers.
I also attempted to get the final score in this shot  but it is just a blur of light.

        All grades of the Benson school are on one very nice campus.  The teachers are great, and they work hand and hand with the parents to make each child's learning experience individual and as beneficial as possible.   Just before we moved to the area, the school district was named number one in the state of Arizona.   And after a very hard go for all of our kids at the last schools, this is a great change!  It is also a lot like the very small school I went to in the middle of No-Where, Wyoming.  We had 150 kids in grades k-12 the year I graduated in "97"  So the small town feel -was very welcome during homecoming night.  Although that complete "fitting in" level can only be found were one went to school.  While looking around, I kept picturing John Gresham's "Bleachers."  Were the mighty football coach is dying, and all of the football stars are drawn back into town for the big game and to voice there real opinions of the long time coach.   I could also keep picturing Norman Rockwell art for some reason.   

                                                                    National Anthem

       Although the kids have only been here a few months, they were all soon surrounded by friends, and off cheering and being kids, as far from dad and any adult figure as possible.  Stopping by my perch randomly to check in or announce there personal version of the big game.  I found a great spot at the top of the bleachers, near the side, were I could watch our youngest play along on the sidelines.   From here I could watch him, without being obvious, and of course had a great view of the game.   I was also very close to the band, so the school spirit and pride rang threw our section of the bleachers.  And on down the seating.   Small towns are full of spirit even if they are losing.   On this night the large Bobcat team was taking on the Bisbee Pumas.   And it was time for a cat fight!     

Bisbee's very empty bleachers.

       Benson took on an early lead, and never gave Bisbee much of a chance.  The crowd got more and more excited as the game went on.   And the noise was a lot like that you would find at a college level game!  

The band hits the field.
This is just a small portion of the might band.

Halftime show
And presentation of the king and queen.

Coming from a very small school I was impressed with the size and variety of the performances.
Each group had a very large amount of performers.
My school usually barley had enough players for a football team.  And we never had a drill team, flag team, or even cheerleaders.

The entire royal court.
The two youngsters up front-brought out the crowns.

            In the end Benson took the game    and a very happy crowd rejoiced!

          Next blog post    is about the demo derby we all went to and enjoyed. 

This is my third page and a start up for sure.
So please pass on the links if you are a Bobcat fan!!



Benson residents and friends
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