Monday, October 21, 2013

Helldorado Days In Tombstone--What Do You Want On Your Tombstone?

          "The Town To Tough To Die!"

             Tombstone is right down the road for us, and always a great place to visit and snap pictures.   There was a ton of activities across the state over the weekend, and I hope that everyone got to Explore at least one great event!  If you would like to share any of your pictures from this weekend, or anytime or just vent about any of my thoughts---Please go to MY Facebook page.   All credit for any pictures shared, will be given to you of course!   And maybe your pictures will prompt a new Exploring trip for us.   We are still very new to the area and looking for great hikes and Exploring.    Check out the page at:  Exploring with Wyoming Jack/Bobble Head

       This is a very new blog page, and I already have several posts from Tombstone.  Including of course shots of my favorite building so far in the whole area--the old court house.  When I heard about the celebration, our daughter and I were soon in the truck ready for some fun.  We both had cameras in hand ready to see the sights.   I have never seen the old west town so busy.   But there was still plenty of space to look around and enjoy without running into others. 

                    People in full costume filled the streets and events and shows were plentiful and free.  

Lined up on the main drag--to watch a great show!

This rope and whip pro was equally amazing and entertaining!

Here he pull a young cow-poke out of the audience to assist him.

Another live show featuring the town drunk. 
And of course lots of shooting!
The ladies of the evening take advantage of his drunkin' state and steal his clothes.
Leaving him in his skivvies  when he wakes up--ready for a gun fight.

By the gallows.

One man band.

Another very happy performer.
Still not sure what he was performing but he is full of spirit. 

Great location to catch some shade. 
And listen to gunshots from the OK Corral.
                                  History filled stage ride lets you ride through town in style and comfort.

                                                                                   Time for a break.

Classic cars and style. 

Near the old court house was an antique tractor show.   You could also make your own ropes in this area. 

                                                                            Perfect themed lawn

        Motorcycles were all over the area.   Many from Benson and the bikers rodeo held at the great Arena Bar. 

This trip was the first time we had extra time to check out the famous Boot Hill Cemetery.  Another free part of the visit.   Tombstone is always amazing, but it can soon eat away at your pocket book.  I have many postings about cemetery's -but this time of year, they are extra fun places to Explore.  Tombstone is said to be a very ghost filled town any time of the year.  But Boot Hill is by far the most spirit filled place around, maybe in the whole state. 
Night tours can allow you to experience the super natural.
You can do this any time of year, but I would imagine the tours are very busy during October.

If you guessed Tombstone ---from the pictures in my last post---Congrats!!

Next post is in the works

Any guesses were we are Exploring??


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