Friday, September 6, 2013

Exploring Tombstone Arizona!

    A couple of weekends ago our whole family set off on the quick trip to Tombstone.   This town is full of stories and legends.  From the longest poker game -ever, to 7 people hung at once.  From the most haunted places in the whole land, to legal night ladies that lived and worked right next to the court house.   Even the town has an awesome slogan--- "The town to tough to die!"    We really enjoyed this trip- something I hope all of the following pictures portray.   Were else can you enjoy a huge scoop of ice cream and than watch a gun fight ten minutes later?   Chicago -maybe.   This area is a huge tourist trap though---so make sure and bring more than a couple of dollars with you.   We got off when some real deals---and saw a great comedy gun fight, rode the history filled trolley all over the area, and could have played a round of mini golf.   But it was to hot to enjoy that.   The trolley also runs at night, were you are guaranteed to see some ghosts or things that go bump in the night.  But we needed to get back home long before it was dark.   My beautiful wife took many of these pictures ;)

Lots of free parking right across from the old city hall.

Another citizen or visitor that left in a box.

The old court house say lots of action in its prime.
Now it is a museum.
It is also the smallest state park in the U.S.

Every were you look -presents another great photo.

This town was founded on mining.
And was full of extra tough legends.

Including Wyatt Earp

It also housed MANY bars, during it's "hay day."

Helldorado is were we got to enjoy the fun fights.

                         The fearless town sheriff is on the right----"Yeah!"

**Spoiler alert**   The good guy wins!
And he gits his bottle of booze.

                                                 Even our oldest got to shoot an old gun.

The whole family with the stars.
Would you mess with this family??
Our next Christmas cards??

The stars made sure and flicked us lots of poo   for being from Washington  --during the entire show.
Good thing we let it all roll off our backs--like rain.

                         ...... She fought the law, and the law won!.....

Than I got caught---for taking to many pictures.

The less witnesses --the better.

Almost some more victims.

A huge rain storm came through and the streets emptied out.

Soon water was the only thing rushing down the streets.

I ventured into the down pour---which felt great after the intense heat.

And found I had the entire street to myself.  

I than soon found I was soaked to the bone.

Information filled trolley ride.

Many many legends are buried here.
And it is said to be the most haunted place in town--by far!

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