Friday, September 6, 2013

Welcome! Please Comment & Share My Newest Sight!

                   **Welcome new and faithful readers to my newest blog sight! **

      My first and longest running sight has a wide range of topics and 400+ posts.   My second page started as a picture and Exploring incentive for my parents to visit me.  It soon turned into an adventure record of our Exploring and my love for the beautiful town of Bellingham, Washington and the surrounding area.  Conveniently the web sights for both can be found at the end of this very blog post!  I would like to say here that I will be taking all that I have learned from the other pages, to make this an extremely neat and put together page.   If nothing else it will be new. 

         I am also going to venture into advertising with this new page.    Something I did not find a need to do on any of my other sights.  I hope this does not effect the pages popularity in any way.   I have a very strong and proven reader base.   And anyone that would be interested in getting in on the ground floor ---bottom priced advertising seen by a LOT of people---please contact me today and we will make an amazing deal.    Steven    

                                                   Two of our kiddos-ready to Explore!!

          I want this sight to also be very interactive.   Tell me about your local Exploring.  No matter were local is for you.  Send me pictures.   I will post the best---with your permission of course  and give you credit for the great picture.    You can comment on any blog post.   Drop me an e mail or comment on anything on my Facebook page.    At: Exploring with Wyoming Jack/Bobble Head    Guaranteed you will like the page more than a slap in the face ---and much more than the new Facebook setup. 

     This page is all about Exploring Arizona.   I love to see new sights.   I really enjoy it when all or some of my great kids can be with me.   Over the last few years I have found taking pictures to be very calming.   Attempting to re-kindle my love for writing is also calming.   Maybe not as much so to those that read my broken thoughts.   Three months ago my family--  Three kids, my wife, our dog, my mother-in law and some other family members moved to the small town of Benson.   We just moved from Washington state, almost on the Canadian boarder, Aye!   Among other reasons for moving, my wife has a very rare disease.  One that greatly mimics MS.   And Tucson has award winning clinics, just for her.   We did not want to live in such a big town, and love Benson.   On the same note, many of our adventures focus on the small town or start in it.    Especially now, because we are on a shoe string budget not allowing travel across the state.    We have lived in Arizona before, so I will be revisiting many of the greatest areas again.   My hope is that you enjoy this page and share it.   My first few posts actually started on another blog page of mine.   From now on, if it is about Arizona it will appear on this page first.   That is why the first ten posts on this page all appeared within three days. 

    A great place to start Exploring while in Benson is the old train depot.   Now turned tourist information center.   Beyond being an amazing building, it is now full of area information.  And is close to everything in Benson.  From the great library  to shopping to the very low priced public pool.   The local school's are all on one campus.  Something I enjoyed in my childhood.   The local Benson school's just were ranked number one out of all of the school's in the state.  For a small town, this town is rich in activity and the people are amazingly welcoming. 

                  Stick around and enjoy lunch.  The whole time, you can watch the towns action.

These great murals were added to the walls around the parking lot. 
In an effort to bring more art and excitement to the entire town. 
All of this set of pictures is now up.
And they look beyond great!

                                                     A new canvass ready to be painted. 
                  On the day my son and I visited, not all the paintings were done yet. 

                       In between the murals are these great signs.  Of trains past and present that go through the town. 



          ** Check out were this all started and were I have been with my first blog series**
     Full of random rambling, Exploring, pictures, deep quotes, and lots of coffee love!  

           **My second blog series has some of my best personal pictures and lots of                     Exploring!**     
                                Please take a look around.

             **Tell me what  you really think about all of my thoughts!**
             This page gets updated first.     
Exploring with Wyoming Jack/Bobble Head

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