Saturday, September 14, 2013

Movie Extras One Fine Day In Benson--**Take Two!**

             A few posts back I told about our experiences as the kids being extras in a children movie being shot in the area.   It was an extra long day, but an amazing experience.  And I deeply thank everyone that made this possible for us.  The movie is supposed to come out in November, so now we get to sit and wait for the great release.   For official pictures, producers thoughts, and a more up to date release timeline please check out the Facebook page--- Cochise County Pictures LLC   They are the company putting out the movie, and have an awesome  web sight.  

      About two weeks after the dance scenes were shot, we were all invited to be extras on the last day of shooting for the film.  They needed people to fill the grandstands on this day.   And eat pop corn and cotton candy in the background shots.  A ruff job, but our family felt up to the challenge.   This was filmed at the local Arena Bar.

    I have talked about this great place in past blog posts.  And with there corrals, huge arena, and mountain filled backdrops, it was a perfect fit for the filming.  The entire bar opened up for family's to cool off in between shots.  It tried to stay cloudy outside, but this is Southern Arizona.  Everyone involved also got a great lunch, from the chow shack!   We also received our T-shirts on this day. 

I am always a sucker for neat looking clouds. 

      This was the last day of filming, so much was going on all day.  And there was certainly much to Explore.  Along with all stages of filming to watch. 

      Our daughter--soon to be nicknamed "Super Star" , soon attached herself to the horses on the large set.  Becoming very attached to one in particular.    

      She has never really been around horses, but just has that vibe and knack and soon appeared to others that she has grown up with a colt glued to her hip.   This one certainly was for the day.  And the next thing we knew, she had worked her way into an actual speaking role in the movie!   One were she leads "her" horse onto the set and eventually gets interviewed.  I use the quotes loosely, because if we had room for the horse, she would have found a way to bring it home, even if it was only for a few hours.   In the scene-that of course was shot many a time, "Super Star" is in a 4-H horse grooming competition and she is showing her horse, along with other kids.  Including the main star of the movie.  Each child gets there horse inspected by the judges and than answers there tough questions.   I have to say it was all a really neat experience.  Especially for our daughter!   Maybe this will lead to her becoming recognized and really a "Super Star."

Jess to the right in the pink hat

As they look over the horses before the next shoot.

During filming  ---Jess again to the right.
I usually do not put any of the kids names in print--but her full name will be in the credits on the big screen, so thought it was OK this one time.
**I did not take this picture--it is from The Arena Bar Facebook page**

Some more of the stars

**Again I did not take this shot-since I am in it**    It is from the Cochise County Pictures LLC page, check it out  they have a great sight!   

          The rest of our family sat in the heat in the grandstands and was the cheering crowd.  Not that there wasn't many other extras as spectators, but we had much of the crew present including our two boys, my wife, her mom and her uncle.  Be sure and watch for us all. 


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