Thursday, September 12, 2013

Movie Extras One Fine Day In Tombstone **Take One**

   About a month ago our three kids were lucky enough to become extras in a movie that was all produced in the local area.   On the 2nd day we, the parents and family became extras, and our daughter landed a speaking role in the movie!  But more about that in another blog post.   On this day we drove to Tombstone for what quickly turned into a full day of filming.   The process was truly amazing and fun to watch.  Especially since the final result ends with our kids on film.   But it really was an all day event.  I could not imagine being a main actor in a movie or sitcom after viewing behind the scenes.   All of the dedication and preparation and an even longer day than we pulled, every day of the filming.    I think I will find my claim to fame an easier way.   But I now have an even bigger respect for many stars.   Especially many of the ones in this film, because they are still children. 
For updates, official pictures, and story's about this great movie
Please visit the above sight.   
And watch for the movie!
Soon to be out on DVD, Redbox, and beyond.
At the moment the release is set for November.
       Our work came later in the day.   They would be filming a school dance in a local school's gym.   And all of our kids were part of the dancers.   When we first got to Tombstone, the crew was busy shooting rodeo scenes on the other side of town.   So we had lots of time to get some more town pictures and to attempt to stay out of the heat.   

                                                      Some of the crews many vehicles.  

                                   Some new pictures of the great town, while we waited......


                                                            Our oldest-dressed the part.

                                            My wife and Max patiently waiting for our turn.

                                                              We had originally thought the filming would take place at this old school, in the heart of town.  I had wished, because this is an amazingly interesting looking building.  And I would love to have a reason to roam around the ancient halls.    But much later found out that it was in a school across town.   Happily that filming would be inside. 

The right school.
Home of the  mighty Gravediggers!
Every one practicing the line dance. 
After this it was time for some food.  Best part of the day.
Setting up the dance floor.
A 40 gallon hat, at least.
More practicing.
                                                     One of the producers taking it all in. 

Of course it took lots of takes to get just the right footage.
The dancers had to do the routine many times.
Under the extra hot heat lamps.
Luckily they were still cooler than being in the Arizona sun.
The price of being a star. 

      This was an exhausting day for all.  Even the kids were worn out when we finally made it home, something that never happens.   But worth every minute of it.   For the experience and to learn new things.  Every one involved got a T-shirt, the experience, and anyone filmed- gets there name in the credits.   
Take II   coming very soon!!
But my next Exploring blog will be all about Bisbee.

 Here I am dreaming of coffee!    Sadly on this trip, I did not get a chance to try out this coffee shop.   Any readers have reviews of the shop and or coffee for me?   Please share.  



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